Sunday, February 16, 2003

Congratulations, you're a Drac, a seductive fae.
What kind of female faerie are you?
Take the female faerie quiz by Paradox.

This is a little worrying ...but for anyone who dares to think otherwise; let me just make really clear the fact that the Stallion is 100 percent straight alright !!

Damm it Man Utd got beaten really badly by Arse(nal) yesterday night and the biggest culprit had to be Giggsy who missed an unguarded wide open goal. He also miscue another shot in the 2nd half like 10 metres from the goal that ended up closer to the corner flag. I guess when you are earning like 50k pounds a week working on your shooting skills doesn't seem so important aymore.

Woohoo got rid of the blog banner at the top after copying the style tag in the HTML code from Rheen's blog. Yeah it is not exactly ethical but it was kinda dumb having two banners at the top. Wait lah I get my pay then I subscribe ok !

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