Friday, February 28, 2003

Sigh I just checked. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani got married last year on September 14 day after my birthday. Damm you Gwen i loved ya u know .....I'm gonna take the wallpaper of you off my computer when i go back to work on Monday!

Feeling really tired right now. Research is not easy i tell ya; it is terribly frustrating and tedious and sometimes its like (at the risk of sounding cliched) looking for a needle in a haystack. Wonder when I will get my hands dirty and dive into the actual grid stuff.
Hoping to go catch a movie or something in the weekend; really need to chill out and relax.

Check out this cool Mind Reading thingy , I was kinda puzzled about how it worked at first but figured it out after a couple of tries. (No its not something scary i swear)
Finally signed my bond with *** yesterday with my sis and her hubby acting as my sureties. One of the terms of the bond is that they have the right to terminate my contract if I contract a serious illness during the 3 years of the bond period.
But the interesting thing is that if I contract HIV I will also have to pay back the money that they spend training me. I find this a bit discriminating. I mean if a smoker gets lung cancer i doubt they will do the same thing. And what if the person practices safe sex but still gets infected? And the last thing someone needs after learning they have contracted HIV is to be punished financially for it.
Besides if I am not wrong most people who contract HIV still lead normal lives at least while the virus remains dormant which could even be for a period of 3 years. I mean I'm not concerned that I might have to deal with this personally cos I got more chance of hitting the lottery than getting laid ( let alone getting HIV) in the next 3 years; I just find the whole thing totally unnecessary and prejudicial.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Arrgh wish people would stop sending me all those emails with those stupid inspirational stories about how you should treasure your loved ones or how you should live each day to its fullest because I honestly do not give a damm and I find them extremely annoying.

Didn't do much today at the lab ...well actually i spend quite a while trying to figure out how to set a Gwen Stefani jpeg as the wallpaper for my workstation and finally manage to do it with the help of my colleague. Sigh now thats one person I dun think i will ever get tired of looking at! Other than that did nothing much went for a pretty long lunch at NIE and a couple hours later a pretty long teabreak. Ya sounds very slack I know but this is the last day I'm gonna be able to do that. Cos tommorow I am signing the deed/contract and I officially start my work from thursday. Which also means i got to be there by 9:00 am instead of 11 am like i do now.

But there is a problem my bro-in-law who is one of my sureties tommorow lost his IC and Miss See See specifically said that we have to bring our IC. He has a temporary IC so i hope that will suffice but i am gonna call her tommorow to make sure.

Monday, February 24, 2003

Well the doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me. I am relieved but I am also a bit pissed. I went for an ECG (which came out fine ) and then an ultrasound that cost me more than 400 dollars altogether just to find out that there is nothing wrong with me. I mean that is a lot of money to me ( I am not exactly rich) and makes me ALMOST wish they found something wrong. Yeah i know how stupid that sounds and that I should be grateful that I'm ok but thats what I'm feeling can't help it.

I am in a really irritable mood today. Every little thing is pissing me off today; my damm hi fi which keeps skipping , my damm doorknob that broke so now i cant close the room door otherwise i can't open it; stuff that friends said which usually don't bother me but really got on my nerves just now, the stupid dumbass grammys that claim to reward artistic achievement in music (what a joke), the fact that there will be people who will rush out and buy albums by artists just because they did well in the grammys and the fact that they gonna pre-empt The Practice to show the stupid dumbass grammys at 11 pm. Oh great I switched on Ch 18 to watch The 70s show and instead of that they are showing the grammys. And Channel 5 is now showing the critically acclaimed 'Hard Target' starring the thespian Jean Claude Van Damme and Natasha 'Species' Hendstridge. Oh wait Gwen Stefani is on now on Ch she is so so freaking hot, damm Gavin Rossdale that lucky bastard, if i had a wish it would wish to be him for a day. (He is Gwen's bf for the clueless)
Watched the MJ interview yesterday night and it left me feeling sorry for him and also his kids. After watching the interview I'm pretty sure that he isn't a pervert, but I think he is basically a child stuck in a 44 year old body and it's probably due to his bad childhood. But then again there are a lot of people who went through traumatic childhoods (even famous celebrities) and still manage to lead normal lives; I guess at some time they came to terms with their past and moved on with their life. But the problem with MJ is he is too scared to do that, and with the amount of money he has he can afford to keep that illusion of being a kid going. I mean this is a guy who is uncomfortable even saying the word 'sex' and who only seems to able to relate to kids.
I am really afraid for his kids though, i mean being forced to wear masks whenever they go out in public and having no contact at all with their moms..they are either gonna grow up weird like him or really resent him later in life.

Anyway thats just my opinion of cos feel free to disagree with it!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Went to Bedok just now to do two things. First I went to the library to return my Flash book which i had for two months (I renewed it) but I read like the first 5 pages of it thats all. Don't even know why I borrowed it. Anyway borrowed 2 books , a book on Solaris 9 which is the OS that they use at the lab where I work and Unix Shell Scripting which I have to learn pretty soon. There were a lot of other books on the two subjects but these 2 had the most pictures so I got them instead. :)

After that went to the photo studio to take a passport sized photo for my company website. Sigh I am one of those people that can't smile on cue but i still tried to for the pic. I ended up with a really weird smile that made me look like a freaking pervert and made me wish I didnt smile. But got no choice cos I need to have it up by tommorow so gave it to Jiaqi (thanks babe I owe you!) to scan for me and I just uploaded it to the website. No I will not give you the URL so don't ask me; just let me suffer in shame and dignity please I beseech you. *Sniff*

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Suffering from a really bad cold rite now; I lost count of the number of tissues i used the whole day more than 2 boxes definitely. And add to that seeing the crappiest Man Utd performance this season in today's match against Bolton and you can say it was a pretty awful day.

Last Friday the whole team went for lunch at Macs at Discovery Centre and (Dr.) Simon treated the whole 10 or more of us which was really really generous of him. And then as usual I ate my lunch incredibly fast that kinda surprised the rest of them ; some of which haven't even started eating! It was kinda embarassing I really gotta try and slow down the next time. And to think in JC i was like so proud of the fact that I could eat a burger in under a minute .....sigh i was such a geek then.

Need to get a passport photo and get it scanned tommorow cos I need to put it on my APSTC website by Monday. I got one already an IC size pic but i look like a drug addict in that so gonna take a better one tommorow.
Marilyn Manson will release "The Golden Age of Grotesque" on May 13, 2003 on Interscope Records. The first single will be "mOBSCENE." Marilyn Manson takes his inspirations from the glamour of 1930s Hollywood, the grotesque of Vaudeville to the extreme height of cabaret decadence and so-called "degenerate" art in Weimar Berlin just before its destruction.
Manson says, "This album is about expression. The imagination and personality of the individual cannot be trapped by small minds or defined by any one person. The genius of art finds sanctuary among children and madmen to survive. That, is who we are."
Marilyn Manson has collaborated with renown artist Gottfried Helnwein for the album's controversial artwork which is part of a greater series that will be exhibited in museums all across the world. For more info check and .

Friday, February 21, 2003

I slept at 10:30 pm yesterday, the earliest I have slept in a long long while. I mean thats the time old people go to sleep rite ! Everyday when I get back from work I just feel so tired and lethargic; hope I get used to it soon enough. Too tired to blog any more also ....gonna watch Survivor now hopefully watching the chicks in the bikinis can recharge me a bit.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

My task was getting a bit sian so i started playing with this p2p client that M was actually experimenting with and i ended up chatting with other people on it. Think tommorow I am going to ask A if I can do something else; but then again I won't be coming on Monday cos i'm gonna collect my results for my heart ultrasound thingy so maybe I will ask him on Tuesday.

Also met with Mr. Vincent , one of the directors of the company in a rather imformal meeting where he just like briefed us about how we fit into the big picture.. And he was like he prefers us to address him by his name rather than call him Mr. Vincent. Apparently thats how the culture is like; it's cool but I dun know i find it a little weird. I still got trouble calling Appie without the Mr. in front. And he said we are also gonna get like both NTU and Sun passes and name cards so looking forward to that. Next time can use the namecards to pick up chicks ....chicks should be impressed by that right ?

"Yo yo whats up I am an associate engineer at *, here is my card , and I would really love to show you my engine sometime baby so call me !"

Can't wait to try that line out!

Shoutout: Diana I miss you already babe have a great time in UWA alright ...I will be waiting for you till you come back ....

Oh ok ya two things I learned in the past week.
1. There is a fine line between being funny and being downright annoying.
2. Never never never ever in under any circumstances poke fun at a friend's bf/gf .

Monday, February 17, 2003

Work today was better cos i was like testing out the software that i downloaded on friday. 1 of which was pretty interesting it showed 3D models of protein molecules and DNA; Basically most of the software were for the field of genetics. Also the fourth trainee started work today (left 2 more to go) , a gal and she seemed really nice so i am kinda looking forward to working with her as well. But its always 9:30 now and im already feeling really tired ..gonna go to sleep soon.
oh and i also learned today F4 means Faggot 4 !

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Went to Tampines to meet Rifah to pass her the Office XP CD and also to buy shoes for work tommorow. She treated me to ice cream at Haegen-Daz(sp?) which was really nice of her and also made me a little paiseh but i told her i would treat her back as soon as I get my paycheck! Hmm actually i promised a lot of pple treats once I get my first paycheck....better stop doing that.
After that went to Bata and Americaya and tried to get shoes my size but the largest they had was 10. So finally I just went to the salesgal at Hush Puppies and asked her to show me any shoes she had that were at least a 11. There was only 1 and after making sure it fit me i just bought it. This is what I am going to do from now on cos its really frustrating when I find a shoe that I like but when i ask the salesperson they tell me they dun have that size.

Oh ya don't know why but I am beginning to find the slightest stuff really funny. In the MRT on the way to Tampines there was this old woman in my cabin who was talking really loudly (to no one in particular) about how arrogant Singapore was with regards to the water dispute with Malaysia, how she supports Mahathir stopping the supply of water to us eventhough she is a Singaporean and how just because Singapore was richer than Malaysia we think we can bully them. I was like trying my best not to laugh but I was the only one; no one else found it funny they just stared at her with a puzzled look. Hmm....

On the MRT ride back saw this ad in the train which showed this gal jumping in the air and with the tagline "You can also move freely" or something like that. So i thought it was probably a tampon or some sanitary pad ad but it turned out to be an ad for acuvue contact lenses. Talk about misleading advertistments ....Or maybe my mind just works differently.

Wonder how long the comment server is gonna be down. :(

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This is a little worrying ...but for anyone who dares to think otherwise; let me just make really clear the fact that the Stallion is 100 percent straight alright !!

Damm it Man Utd got beaten really badly by Arse(nal) yesterday night and the biggest culprit had to be Giggsy who missed an unguarded wide open goal. He also miscue another shot in the 2nd half like 10 metres from the goal that ended up closer to the corner flag. I guess when you are earning like 50k pounds a week working on your shooting skills doesn't seem so important aymore.

Woohoo got rid of the blog banner at the top after copying the style tag in the HTML code from Rheen's blog. Yeah it is not exactly ethical but it was kinda dumb having two banners at the top. Wait lah I get my pay then I subscribe ok !

Friday, February 14, 2003

Spend Hari Raya buying my work clothes with my sis at town. All i ever wear is jeans so i got like 1 work-suitable pants left and it also kinda shrank on me. Anyway bought 2 pants and 3 shirts, wait hmm i think I need a little more that. Tried to buy my shoes at the same time but they didn't have my size (size 11) in any of the shops in town. By the way if you are wondering about the rumor about guys with big feet, its true i assure you ! ;)

Thursday: Went for my echo scan at CGH; the doctor took this like hand held scanner thing and pressed it against my hairy chest for like 20 minutes. And somemore got scolded by her when i tried to turn my head to look at the ultrasound screen; as if like turning my head is gonna affect my heart rate or something cheh ! Anyway gonna get the results of the scan on the 24th; yeah i guess it takes 11 days for doctors there to like analyse the results cos they are that stupid or something.

After that went for lunch with a friend at Siglap at Cafe Cartel and return her Harry Potter books. You would think that being a huge fan of the fantasy genre i would enjoy Potter as well but in fact I found the books really boring. In fact i fell asleep on my bed while reading one of them , not bluffing i swear ! And also got back my Led Zeppelin CD from her ...sigh how i missed that CD thank god its back with me now. *kisses CD*

Today went to work again , its really cool cos now i have to be at work only at 11 am so i dun get the morning rushhour crowd in the MRT , can definitely find a seat and relax all the way from Bedok to Boon Lay. But today was damm boring though; Appie gave me this task where i had to download any application software from this website and there were a hell lot of them. Sianz. But for lunch , I and 2 other fellow trainies went to NIE so it was nice lah got quite a fair bit of hot chicks there compared to the faculty of mechanical enginneering. Went back at 5:30 and i had to stand all the way back to Bedok; my feet hurt (and smell) like hell now. Dun care next time im gonna rush into the mrt and push anyone out of the way to get a seat. Hey Darwin's law rite ...

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Toto results out liao ! 2 lucky people won 2 million each , another 26 won 40,000 bucks. If i had 2 million I think i would probably like take a tour around the States and go see my favourite bands play in concert. And buy like all the CDs i ever wanted to buy but got no money! Ok ok i know I dun think big ...

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Today was my first day of work and it was a little overwhelming cos they do not use Windows OS there ; instead they use Solaris and Linux which i know little about so I really gotta work my butt off to try and familiarise myself with them the next few weeks. But my superiors there were really friendly; there is this ang moh guy (Appie) who is like goofing around all the time, he is such a riot ! The others are very friendly also and I think I am gonna enjoy working with them. Gonna go back on Friday cos Thursday i will be going for the scan on my enlarged heart....

Monday, February 10, 2003

So the Xray showed that my heart was abnormally large. The hot Sikh doctor said there are basically a few causes , either i was born with it so thats not a problem or something wrong with my heart muscle or valves in which case I'm screwed. Going to CGH in a couple of hours to see the cardiologist for further tests.

Now i got two parts of my body that are abnormally large.

Update: Just got back from CGH, they ran an ECG and the doctor said it looked fine. He also said my heart was borderline large whatever that means. But he still wants to do an echo scan on thursday, the results of which i will only get on the 24th of February. I am not sure if EDB will wait that long for me so I just emailed them and asked them. Now gotta wait for their reply. Talk about bad luck; haven't start job already so much stress and not to mention the damm echo test gonna set me back 300 bucks.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Went to watch Final Destination 2 with Sam and Ai Ling just now ; the movie was extremely gory and some scenes will make u cringe so all in all it was a decent movie but there wasn't much of a plot though. After that went to his grandma's house where we had some pretty delicious mee hoon curry dish, satay which I and sam barbecued, some kind of pork bun which i think is an acquired taste, prawn salad and fish soup. Came back to watch the Pool-Boro match which was boring as hell (Liverpool are like the most boring team ever) and then brought my dog for a walk cos he needed to relieve himself, sigh should have toilet trained him when he was younger.

I got some weird reactions from some of my friends after they read my previous entry. Frankly I am really afraid of whether there is anything seriously wrong with me (i mean there must be something wrong otherwise they wouldn't ask me to come back) and whether this will cause me to lose the job. But the reactions of some of my friends ..anyway I will know everything by Monday.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

A nurse at the clinic I went to for my check-up asked me to come down again on Monday. Apparently the doctor found 'something' in my X-Ray and wants to talk to me about it. But she told me its nothing that serious but said she can't give me any more details cos the doctor has all the information so i'm guessing she has no clue either. I don't know what to make of it. I guess I will find out on Monday.

Friday, February 07, 2003

A rather boring day; the highlight of my day was probably bathing my dog. Downloaded and watched Pay it Forward which was quite a sucky movie despite the really good cast (Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Osmont) so that was 2 hours of my life wasted. Just downloaded Insomnia gonna watch it tommorow.

Thursday, February 06, 2003

I went to buy lunch 2 days ago at a coffeeshop nearby and saw this old women walking on the pavement using a walking stick; she was walking 1 step at a time at a horribly slow pace. And it was kinda sad u know and in a way it frightened me cos i started thinking what if i had to walk like that when i get old. Imagine taking more than an hour to go to the coffeeshop when people do it in like 15 mins or less. Scares the crap out of me.

Met my JC classmate yesterday for lunch and coffee. She jsut came back from Melbourne after her graduation so it was really fun to meet her again and talk abt stuff and see hows she doing, helped her pick out a new PC also . Damm now the PCs are like 2.4 GHZ, makes my 1.7 seem so slow......sianz

Totally panicked around 1 am just now when I couldn't find my letter for my pre-employment medical check up this morning. I was searching for like 2 hours plus when i finally found it below my queen size mattress ; how it got there i got no idea. Anyway went for the appointment just now and got checked out by this totally hot Sikh doctor damm made me wish i got a full physical examination. Would have turned out my stallion charms on her but i saw the wedding ring on her finger ....damm my sense of morality!

Anyway i didnt bring my specs (hey i dun use them what) so i gotta go down later again; first gotta find them i never wear them like in ages also .

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Woohoo NUS has given us an alumni account to access my (School of Computing) SOC BBS newsgroups which I think is pretty cool cos it will allow me to like keep in touch with whats been going on in my faculty. So you SOC alumni pple go to to sign up alright!

Watched Notorious , a 1946 B&W hitchcock classic, it was pretty good and the chemistry between the 2 leads was amazing; I don't see that kind of chemistry in movies nowdays ....hmm I wonder why......

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Finally watched Magnolia like almost two months after i downloaded it. Really really good movie although at 3 hours its a tad long and the middle part was a little draggy for me. But Tom Cruise was amazing as a vulgar woman-seducing dating guru i think that was like his best performance ever!

Left Donnie Darko and A Clockwork Orange to watch ....gotta watch them b4 i start my job otherwise no chance liao. Speaking of which I'm still not sure exactly when im gonna start also ....think probably have to wait until they clear me medically and security-wise. Saying this cos everyone is asking me when I'm starting !

Now downloading Rear Windown and Notorious 1946 from Alfred Hitchcock ..well i hope those are his movies sekali turn out to be like porn movies then gonna be damm boring.