Wednesday, January 01, 2003

So yesterday was a good day, spend my new year eve with a net friend. Went to see LOTR and then we walked around Orchard and talked until 2 something. First time in years that i spend new year eve without my dogs at home though, I'm sure they must have missed me. The movie was awesome, totally enjoyed it from start to end but it got really cold in the cinema towards the end, was really tempted to ask my friend for her jacket but well decided(probably wisely) not to. But there were a lot of Bangladeshi nationals in Orchard yesterday and some of them were so annoying , they were like whistling and shit and then there was this group that was like spraying those party foam sprays thingys at everyone and basically pissing a lot of them off. Oh ya and then my mom called me like 2 am and asked me if i knew what time it was and why was I still not home...Sigh that was so embarrasing ....But all in all had a pretty nice time , hope she did too !

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