Friday, January 31, 2003

So i went to the ***** office yesterday to look at the job offer. I would be a paid 2k a month for a year (training allowance) with no CPF or benefits ; basically its like an industrial attachment for 1 year. After which if my performance is up to Sun's standard then I would be hired as a permanent employee of ****** otherwise I would have to look for other employment.

But in my opinion I think its a good opportunity because ****** is a relatively new field in IT technology and not a lot of people are like trained in it (as far as I know) so even if I do not get hired by Sun after that year I should be able to get employment somewhere else easily. But of cos I'm gonna work my pants off to impress them during this 1 year so that they will keep me.

The only thing that sucks is that my workplace is gonna be at Nanyang Technological University in Boon Lay which is like at the opposite end of Singapore from where I live so I am looking at around 3 hours of travelling time a day to and from the workplace. Maybe i might stay at my sister's place in Woodlands for the weekdays if she doesn't mind have to talk to her about it.

Oh ya i think i was quite lucky to get this job offer cos I believe i was not one of the 6 originally chosen for this position. When i went there yesterday i went for the briefing with another TAP (Training and Attachment Program) group for another company (ST Technologies) . i was the only one there for the job at ******. After the briefing i asked the briefer(?) why that was so and he told me he already gave the briefing to the other Sun job candidates a week ago. So i'm quite sure that the only reason i got called up was maybe because one of them refused the job offer or was unable to take it. Well its a lucky break for me so I feel that i gotta take it!

Here is an article at CNET about my job scope if you guys wanna take a look. ******* was the guy who interviewed me and Im pretty sure I'm one of the 6 engineers mentioned there who would be working with the 3 research scientists.

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