Saturday, January 11, 2003

So finally went for the interview with Sun this morning , and it went ok but i could haven been better; got tongue tied on some of the questions. Anyway i have a 50 percent chance of getting it. Cos there are 12 applicants left and they choose 6 out of this 12. Hopefull i get the call next week, it sounds like a really interesting prospect.

Went out to a pub cum restaurant (forgot the name) at Mohd. Sultan with my cousin last nite, the music they were playing was pretty cool at first, they were playing jazz but then deteriorated into pretty sucky pop music soon after. Anyway had burger and fries the serving was so huge i could barely finish it; My cousin ate less than 1/2 of his. After that we went to this pub called Led Zep in Orchard. It was pretty cool they were playing Hendrix and really loud too ! And the owner came over to talk to us somemore; well he was talking mostly to my cousin whom he knows but he was very friendly to me also lah.

Bobby (my dog) is really irritating the crap out of me, he spotted a female dog (probably in heat) last night when i brought him down for a walk last night and that horny bastard has been barking and whining at home ever since and its really annoying. I whacked him a few times to shut him up but no use ...seriouly considering sending him for castration tommorow if he doesn't stop.

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