Friday, January 10, 2003

Played bball with Sam yesterday and got totally trashed, was not fun at all. We then went to watch 'Das Experiment' , a German film that won Best Picture in the German Awards, and i highly recommend it! The movie is about a group of volunteers from all walks of life in a social experiment conducted by a group of German scientists. They were placed in a setting resembling a jailhouse; half of them were made prison wardens while the other half were prisoners. The prison wardens were told to keep order at all cost in the jailhouse but without resorting to violence. The main character is one of the volunteers who is actually a reporter trying to get an exclusive scoop on this experiment. During the first day, the prisoners are pretty jovial and play around with the wardens who are not sure how to react. However by the 2nd day start using rather extreme measures to keep the prisoners in check and also humiliate them. Soon the situation spirals out of control and ..well you go see lor ! But a minor complaint is some of the events in the movie are a little unrealistic, like the magical appearance of a screwdriver....

But i can relate to the movie because I was a military policeman when i was in the army and part of my job is to handle military prisoners. When i first started my job i treated the prisoners with respect and was rather polite to them. But after seeing how my superiors treated them , I also started to mimic their behaviour. We would humiliate the prisoners by making them push-up naked and by giving them tasks that were impossible to follow (for e.g stripping off their uniform in 30 secs) and punishing them when they couldn't do it. And when the prisoners asked for the time , i would make fun of them by replying "Why you wanna know, you meeting your girlfriend later is it ". And once Ahmad Latiff the national football player was in the cell for going AWOL. And we tekan him when we found out he was in the cell.....just because we could! But thats nothing compared to my colleagues in the detention barracks, i have heard that they ever beat up prisoners who try to incite a riot.

I am not proud of my behaviour, in fact now i think of it i can't imagine doing some of the things that I did. People who know me well know that I'm a pretty mild mannered person. I think when you are placed in a position of power and authority it is very tempting to abuse it, just because you can. Something to ponder perhaps.

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