Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Ok guy from Sun Mircrosystems just called me , gotta go for a 2nd interview on Saturday at their main office in Orchard ..at Magazine Rd ...hmm it seems so familiar i know i been there b4; must check the map later ! But so embarassing my handphone no battery so the fellow called me twice on my hp and both times kenna disconnected. Ok next time i have to make sure my hp is charged at all times. Oh and the good news is I do not need to do a presentation for the 2nd interview like the interviewer said during my first interview ...i think its probably thanks to my boyish good looks! ;)

But was supposed to go to the Book Fair at Expo with a friend on that day also so that kinda sucks....so i will probably have to cancel, hope she understands. I will make it up to you babe i swear !

Today was a day of rest, my body is really aching like hell so didnt go to the bball court today, but I'm gonna go tommorow in the morning! But damm it had 3 helpings of my mom's mee siam cos i was so hungry and the mee siam was really happening. But i'm gonna skip dinner though so that will even it out hopefully. Maybe i will ask her to cook more of her vegetarian dishes cos when she cooks those i really lose my appetite.

My bloody printer screwed up i keep getting this horizontal lines whenever I print. Called up Epson the guy told me to do this head cleaning like 5 times , it used like 1/3 of my bland new ink catridge (that cost me like 22 bucks) and it still didn't solve the problem. Have to bring it down to their service centre in Commonwealth(!) on thursday, it is still under warranty until next month somemore so at least its a good thing it screwed up b4 then. Why the hell are all the companies and service centres have to be like in the west side so annoying !

Gonna go see Gangs of New York tommorow with a friend , although most friends told me its a little draggy (its 2 hrs and 45 min) . But critic reviews have been awesome so well i think i will just go and see for myself, even if it sucks at least got some nudity. Hmm wonder if Cameron Diaz strips ....

Oh ya Sam was kinda unhappy that i highlighted in my blog about the fact that he got his shot BLOCKED by a FOURTEEN year old GAL on the basketball court 2 days ago so to stroke his ego a bit can you guys go
read this article on him. He was in the Monash debate team for some Business Convention thing in India a month ago and also got picture of the debate team there, he is the ....err...big boned ..guy right in the centre , the only chinese dude in the picture.

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