Monday, January 06, 2003

Ok couldnt sleep well last night; I dun know its weird every night b4 an interview i get like insomnia. Last night was thinking about my previous interviews and also about someone. By the time i got to bed it was like 3 am. Thanks Cat for listening to me last night i really appreciated it.

I have to tell you i hate the morning crowd ..everyone seems to be in a rush or something , in fact they were even walking up/down on the escalator ! I mean not everyone can be late rite? But i think once i start working i will probably be rushing like everyone else.

Ok took around 20 minutes to find the lab and i was then interview by a panel of 4 people; 1 ang moh guy , 2 Chinese guys and 1 Chinese gal. I think i did pretty well right up to the point when they clarified that the job scope was basically to be a reseach assistant; that kinda took me by surprise. Ang Moh guy think noticed and asked me if i was disappointed , of cos I said no and that i would treasure the chance to try a different field of work, but if i knew the job scope beforehand i probably wouldn't have applied for it also. Anyway if selected I have to give a presentation to the people at Sun Microsystems in town...Sigh the things you gotta do nowdays to get a job.

Came back and had another game of bball with Sam , and i won ! Which was good lah cos i always kenna trash ...Fortunately for me all my long range shots were going in while his was missing ...cos i had no more strength to run so i just shoot as soon as I got the ball. Its been like 3 hours since we played but my legs still aching like crazy. But it was really tiring but i think I lost like 100g of fat today so it was worth it! But wonder what I'm gonna do when he goes back to Aussieland in Feb , no one to play with anymore ..
Ok gonna go read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Aksomething which i borrowed from Di , i didnt really like the first one in the series was really struggling to finish it. Hopefully this one is better !

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