Thursday, January 09, 2003

Hmm today was a pretty boring day, was supposed to go see Gangs of New York which i really wanted to watch but my friend cancelled on me last night :( So spend the afternoon playing TNET,chatting with a net friend who was in school, doing the laundry and taking a long nap. Not a lot of people to chat with now cos most of them are back in school and stuff; kinda sucks but thats life, dun know that many pple who are like me at the moment.

Had a vivid dream during my nap : I was at a library waiting to go into this room (where they were selling their old library books) with a whole bunch of other people. And there is this cute looking Indian librarian at the information counter and i start chatting her up and even asked her for her number and she gave it to me. And we started talking and that was it I woke up soon after. But I dun remember how she looks like now though :( Hmm wonder what it means.

Hmm I'm probably just being paranoid but got this feeling that a net friend i met recently is avoiding me online, we barely talk since we met. Man hope i didn't do anything weird or strange when we went out that time, at least I dun think i did ....I guess i'm probably over reacting. Gotta wait and see.

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