Friday, January 03, 2003

A guy from *** called me regarding the job application. I gotta go down to *** on Monday for an interview. Didn't think I was gonna get called up cos they asked me to give them an essay on *** a while back and I did a pretty last minute one which I thot kinda sucked. Let's see what happens on Monday.

Boy's skin problem is not getting better despite the medication, really wished I had brought him to the vet earlier when it wasn't so bad. Think I have to try another vet cos he is really itching and also he's really starting to smell.

Going to go down to the library to return my computer books cos they are overdue today. I Keep borrowing them but end up not reading them. And also gotta get a new print catridge for my Epson printer. Damm I didn't even use it that often and it finished liao. Need it to print out and mail the application form for Crimson Logic. I applied for the job like a couple months back and they finally emailed me asking me to send my certs and testimonials and stuff. They send me an email last week but I have been kinda ignoring it (holiday mood mah), but I'm gonna try and send it by today.
Dad left a whole pile of clothes on the table for me to hang out to dry...and its hell of a lot and I'm damm lazy to do it. :(

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