Friday, January 31, 2003

A dready day where it rained like the whole damm day and its still raining now so i was stuck home alone. Downloaded and watched 'Rock Star', a movie starring Mark Walberg and Jennifer Aniston. Marky Mark plays this guy who is so obsessed with his fav band Silver Dragon that he sets up a cover band that plays all their songs note for note. Then when the vocalist of Silver Dragon leaves the band he gets the chance to lead it but he soon finds out that being a rock star isn't all its cut out to be. A pretty decent movie but nowhere as good or as memorable as Almost Famous, another 'rock' movie.

Alright a friend of mine is selling cookies , 50 cookies for 18 Singapore dollars so anyone who wants to purchase them for CNY or something email Hanna at for further details. Also orders for Valentines day will be at 10 dollars for a bottle of cookies (ard 30 pieces )

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