Friday, January 31, 2003

A dready day where it rained like the whole damm day and its still raining now so i was stuck home alone. Downloaded and watched 'Rock Star', a movie starring Mark Walberg and Jennifer Aniston. Marky Mark plays this guy who is so obsessed with his fav band Silver Dragon that he sets up a cover band that plays all their songs note for note. Then when the vocalist of Silver Dragon leaves the band he gets the chance to lead it but he soon finds out that being a rock star isn't all its cut out to be. A pretty decent movie but nowhere as good or as memorable as Almost Famous, another 'rock' movie.

Alright a friend of mine is selling cookies , 50 cookies for 18 Singapore dollars so anyone who wants to purchase them for CNY or something email Hanna at for further details. Also orders for Valentines day will be at 10 dollars for a bottle of cookies (ard 30 pieces )
So i went to the ***** office yesterday to look at the job offer. I would be a paid 2k a month for a year (training allowance) with no CPF or benefits ; basically its like an industrial attachment for 1 year. After which if my performance is up to Sun's standard then I would be hired as a permanent employee of ****** otherwise I would have to look for other employment.

But in my opinion I think its a good opportunity because ****** is a relatively new field in IT technology and not a lot of people are like trained in it (as far as I know) so even if I do not get hired by Sun after that year I should be able to get employment somewhere else easily. But of cos I'm gonna work my pants off to impress them during this 1 year so that they will keep me.

The only thing that sucks is that my workplace is gonna be at Nanyang Technological University in Boon Lay which is like at the opposite end of Singapore from where I live so I am looking at around 3 hours of travelling time a day to and from the workplace. Maybe i might stay at my sister's place in Woodlands for the weekdays if she doesn't mind have to talk to her about it.

Oh ya i think i was quite lucky to get this job offer cos I believe i was not one of the 6 originally chosen for this position. When i went there yesterday i went for the briefing with another TAP (Training and Attachment Program) group for another company (ST Technologies) . i was the only one there for the job at ******. After the briefing i asked the briefer(?) why that was so and he told me he already gave the briefing to the other Sun job candidates a week ago. So i'm quite sure that the only reason i got called up was maybe because one of them refused the job offer or was unable to take it. Well its a lucky break for me so I feel that i gotta take it!

Here is an article at CNET about my job scope if you guys wanna take a look. ******* was the guy who interviewed me and Im pretty sure I'm one of the 6 engineers mentioned there who would be working with the 3 research scientists.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Great news!! A lady from *** called me regarding the job at *** and asked me to come down to their office at Raffles Towers tommorow so that they can give me the offer letter with the contract details and stuff. I have been jobless for like 9 months liao and it was really getting to a point where it was really embarassing to mention to people so can imagine how glad i was when they called me. Well still not sure how the pay is gonna be like but hopefully its reasonable , but i'm just excited about working in such a big company like *** so let's see what happens tommorow !

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Note to self : Stop complaining about people in your blog you dumbass. If you not happy with them go talk to them.
This is my Elven name: Curufinwë Calafalas according to this website .
Pretty cool name, ok i think im gonna get people to call me Curufin from now now ....But weird i typed in 'Gay Elf' and it didnt return the name Legolas so it might not be accurate.

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Been listening to this exciting new band called Chevelle and they are pretty amazing. They could be the next big thing after Linkin Park (ughh hurts me just to say Linkin Park) but with the big difference that this bunch of kids are actually talented musicians, especially the bass player he's awesome! Well the vocalist sounds too much like Tool's Maynard on some tracks (like 'Closure') but then again how many bands can be called original nowdays. They are already getting quite a buzz in the US of A so let's see how long before they get heard on SIngapore radio if ever. Tracks to check out are 'The Red', 'Comfortable Liar' and 'Send the Pain Below'.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

Feeling really sad and disappointed right now. Sometimes I just don't get how people can say stuff that they know will upset the other person. Oh well......

Friday, January 24, 2003

Well interesting last couple of days. Finally asked that net friend who like ignores me most of the time why she was doing that and she told me she wasn't really into online chatting (anymore). Oh well that's that.

Then had this conversation with another net friend.
Me: Yo!
She : What ?
Me: Yo as in hi ?
She : What you want ?

I do not understand women. One day can be nice to ya next day can be .........or maybe it's just me i got no idea.

My mom just called me couple minutes ago. She calls me everyday she is at work and tells me the EXACT same thing each time and annoys the crap out of me.

Mom: Cook rice.
Me: OK
Mom: Take out the curry.
Me: OK
Mom: Wash the dishes and switch on the lights at 7.
Me: OK
Mom : And feed the dogs.
Me: OK
Mom: Dad told me that you didn't wash the dishes until he told you to.
Me: Ya
Mom: Ok thats all see you later.
Me: OK

Even when you do things when people tell you to do they still complain. Yesterday night when my dad came back he complained about the fact that i didnt wash the dishes (ok i forgot) and went into his whole speech about him working 12 hours a day. So i immediately got up and washed the dishes. And he still complained to my mom. Sigh really need to get out of the house ASAP.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Sucks not having money ....been listening to Pearl Jam's latest album Riot Act last week on mp3 and it's really brilliant. I really wanna get it cos I'm a huge fan (got all of their previous albums) but just got no money to buy it right now and i was gonna burn the album but just feel really guilty abt ripping them off.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Saw the Golden Globes yesterday , Lara Flynn Boyle was wearing like a ballerina outfit that was really one of the most hideous dresses i ever seen in a while, hey babe it might look cute on those little gals but it just looked really creepy on ya. About the event it was a pretty boring affair, lots of thanking and stuff i stopped watching after 1/2 hour.

Lara in a Mid Life Crisis

I been playing basketball like every weekday for the past 3 weeks and I still don't see my baby reducing in mass ....very depressing. Damm thin people; especially those who say they don't exercise.

Monday, January 20, 2003

I love internet banking ! Just paid my SCV bill online via the DBS website, it was my first time so a bit kancong also but when I updated my book later at the ATM the transaction was updated so it's all good! Next time I'm at the post office I'm gonna laugh at those losers...err i mean people queueing up to pay their bills . Ya I'm mean so what not happy is it !!

Went to the library to argue my case , they said I didn't return one of my CD-ROMs that I borrowed like a month back, but I'm pretty sure that I did cos I remember returning it together with the book that accompanied it using the bookdrop. The librarian said they would search for it for 7 days and get back to me. Whatever happens I ain't gonna pay for it !

Mental note to myself : Stop this silly obsession.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

Went out with my cousin 2 days ago for some midnight bowling at east coast in his brand new car. Damm it's like so convenient to have a car , u can go out anywhere you want anytime. Dun know when I will have my own....

Btw check out this really cool color blindness test ! You won't regret it !

Think I'm gonna stop blogging for a while ....dun know leh feel damm sian to blog nowdays. See whether I feel differently in a couple of days.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

How is it possible that someone i used to chat with online for like 3 - 4 hours everyday can now totally ignore me online? I am just so puzzled by it. And no I'm not taking it seriously but i'm just a little confused. Oh well i guess people change....or I didn't know that person as well as I thought I did....Or it's a sign i need to get out of the house more often......
I think it is safe to say that I'm not gonna get the *** job ....have to admit I'm kinda disappointed cos I was really close but I think got no one to blame but myself , I could have done much better during the interview. Going to have to do better for the next one.

I downloaded and been listening to a song off the movie Gattaca('Departure'), the symphony piece that's played when he leaves Earth. This song makes me sad yet i just love it to death, and thats really weird cos I usually hate symphonies !

Latest Update : The guy from *** emailed the 12 of us saying that they still haven't made the decision because its subject to approval from EDB. I really hope they make their decision soon cos it's driving me crazy ! Well he emailed us cos some of the candidates called him and asked if they got the job which i think is kinda dumb. I mean if you got the job then obviously they will call or email you right. But that's just my opinion.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Ah ok never blog the last 2 days cos nothing to talk about. Today played bball with Sam and halfway throughout the game my back really started to hurt like hell. I think need to do back strengthening exercises or something; or maybe i'm just getting old : ( After that came back to my place where he was playing Championship Manager on my PC for like god knows how long while I got so bored I even fell asleep.

Just watched Living with Lydia couple minutes ago; the whole plot of the episode was ripped off Look Who's Talking , you know the movie with the baby that talks; it was really awful. Oh the American Music Awards is on now i go watch liao !

Saturday, January 11, 2003

So finally went for the interview with Sun this morning , and it went ok but i could haven been better; got tongue tied on some of the questions. Anyway i have a 50 percent chance of getting it. Cos there are 12 applicants left and they choose 6 out of this 12. Hopefull i get the call next week, it sounds like a really interesting prospect.

Went out to a pub cum restaurant (forgot the name) at Mohd. Sultan with my cousin last nite, the music they were playing was pretty cool at first, they were playing jazz but then deteriorated into pretty sucky pop music soon after. Anyway had burger and fries the serving was so huge i could barely finish it; My cousin ate less than 1/2 of his. After that we went to this pub called Led Zep in Orchard. It was pretty cool they were playing Hendrix and really loud too ! And the owner came over to talk to us somemore; well he was talking mostly to my cousin whom he knows but he was very friendly to me also lah.

Bobby (my dog) is really irritating the crap out of me, he spotted a female dog (probably in heat) last night when i brought him down for a walk last night and that horny bastard has been barking and whining at home ever since and its really annoying. I whacked him a few times to shut him up but no use ...seriouly considering sending him for castration tommorow if he doesn't stop.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Played bball with Sam yesterday and got totally trashed, was not fun at all. We then went to watch 'Das Experiment' , a German film that won Best Picture in the German Awards, and i highly recommend it! The movie is about a group of volunteers from all walks of life in a social experiment conducted by a group of German scientists. They were placed in a setting resembling a jailhouse; half of them were made prison wardens while the other half were prisoners. The prison wardens were told to keep order at all cost in the jailhouse but without resorting to violence. The main character is one of the volunteers who is actually a reporter trying to get an exclusive scoop on this experiment. During the first day, the prisoners are pretty jovial and play around with the wardens who are not sure how to react. However by the 2nd day start using rather extreme measures to keep the prisoners in check and also humiliate them. Soon the situation spirals out of control and ..well you go see lor ! But a minor complaint is some of the events in the movie are a little unrealistic, like the magical appearance of a screwdriver....

But i can relate to the movie because I was a military policeman when i was in the army and part of my job is to handle military prisoners. When i first started my job i treated the prisoners with respect and was rather polite to them. But after seeing how my superiors treated them , I also started to mimic their behaviour. We would humiliate the prisoners by making them push-up naked and by giving them tasks that were impossible to follow (for e.g stripping off their uniform in 30 secs) and punishing them when they couldn't do it. And when the prisoners asked for the time , i would make fun of them by replying "Why you wanna know, you meeting your girlfriend later is it ". And once Ahmad Latiff the national football player was in the cell for going AWOL. And we tekan him when we found out he was in the cell.....just because we could! But thats nothing compared to my colleagues in the detention barracks, i have heard that they ever beat up prisoners who try to incite a riot.

I am not proud of my behaviour, in fact now i think of it i can't imagine doing some of the things that I did. People who know me well know that I'm a pretty mild mannered person. I think when you are placed in a position of power and authority it is very tempting to abuse it, just because you can. Something to ponder perhaps.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Hmm today was a pretty boring day, was supposed to go see Gangs of New York which i really wanted to watch but my friend cancelled on me last night :( So spend the afternoon playing TNET,chatting with a net friend who was in school, doing the laundry and taking a long nap. Not a lot of people to chat with now cos most of them are back in school and stuff; kinda sucks but thats life, dun know that many pple who are like me at the moment.

Had a vivid dream during my nap : I was at a library waiting to go into this room (where they were selling their old library books) with a whole bunch of other people. And there is this cute looking Indian librarian at the information counter and i start chatting her up and even asked her for her number and she gave it to me. And we started talking and that was it I woke up soon after. But I dun remember how she looks like now though :( Hmm wonder what it means.

Hmm I'm probably just being paranoid but got this feeling that a net friend i met recently is avoiding me online, we barely talk since we met. Man hope i didn't do anything weird or strange when we went out that time, at least I dun think i did ....I guess i'm probably over reacting. Gotta wait and see.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Heh was feeling hungry so decided to have some of the mee siam my mom cooked even though i said earlier (read previous blog entry) that i will skip dinner .....and then I found out that there wasn't any left ..... very hungry....
Ok guy from Sun Mircrosystems just called me , gotta go for a 2nd interview on Saturday at their main office in Orchard Magazine Rd ...hmm it seems so familiar i know i been there b4; must check the map later ! But so embarassing my handphone no battery so the fellow called me twice on my hp and both times kenna disconnected. Ok next time i have to make sure my hp is charged at all times. Oh and the good news is I do not need to do a presentation for the 2nd interview like the interviewer said during my first interview ...i think its probably thanks to my boyish good looks! ;)

But was supposed to go to the Book Fair at Expo with a friend on that day also so that kinda i will probably have to cancel, hope she understands. I will make it up to you babe i swear !

Today was a day of rest, my body is really aching like hell so didnt go to the bball court today, but I'm gonna go tommorow in the morning! But damm it had 3 helpings of my mom's mee siam cos i was so hungry and the mee siam was really happening. But i'm gonna skip dinner though so that will even it out hopefully. Maybe i will ask her to cook more of her vegetarian dishes cos when she cooks those i really lose my appetite.

My bloody printer screwed up i keep getting this horizontal lines whenever I print. Called up Epson the guy told me to do this head cleaning like 5 times , it used like 1/3 of my bland new ink catridge (that cost me like 22 bucks) and it still didn't solve the problem. Have to bring it down to their service centre in Commonwealth(!) on thursday, it is still under warranty until next month somemore so at least its a good thing it screwed up b4 then. Why the hell are all the companies and service centres have to be like in the west side so annoying !

Gonna go see Gangs of New York tommorow with a friend , although most friends told me its a little draggy (its 2 hrs and 45 min) . But critic reviews have been awesome so well i think i will just go and see for myself, even if it sucks at least got some nudity. Hmm wonder if Cameron Diaz strips ....

Oh ya Sam was kinda unhappy that i highlighted in my blog about the fact that he got his shot BLOCKED by a FOURTEEN year old GAL on the basketball court 2 days ago so to stroke his ego a bit can you guys go
read this article on him. He was in the Monash debate team for some Business Convention thing in India a month ago and also got picture of the debate team there, he is the ....err...big boned ..guy right in the centre , the only chinese dude in the picture.

Monday, January 06, 2003

Ok couldnt sleep well last night; I dun know its weird every night b4 an interview i get like insomnia. Last night was thinking about my previous interviews and also about someone. By the time i got to bed it was like 3 am. Thanks Cat for listening to me last night i really appreciated it.

I have to tell you i hate the morning crowd ..everyone seems to be in a rush or something , in fact they were even walking up/down on the escalator ! I mean not everyone can be late rite? But i think once i start working i will probably be rushing like everyone else.

Ok took around 20 minutes to find the lab and i was then interview by a panel of 4 people; 1 ang moh guy , 2 Chinese guys and 1 Chinese gal. I think i did pretty well right up to the point when they clarified that the job scope was basically to be a reseach assistant; that kinda took me by surprise. Ang Moh guy think noticed and asked me if i was disappointed , of cos I said no and that i would treasure the chance to try a different field of work, but if i knew the job scope beforehand i probably wouldn't have applied for it also. Anyway if selected I have to give a presentation to the people at Sun Microsystems in town...Sigh the things you gotta do nowdays to get a job.

Came back and had another game of bball with Sam , and i won ! Which was good lah cos i always kenna trash ...Fortunately for me all my long range shots were going in while his was missing ...cos i had no more strength to run so i just shoot as soon as I got the ball. Its been like 3 hours since we played but my legs still aching like crazy. But it was really tiring but i think I lost like 100g of fat today so it was worth it! But wonder what I'm gonna do when he goes back to Aussieland in Feb , no one to play with anymore ..
Ok gonna go read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Aksomething which i borrowed from Di , i didnt really like the first one in the series was really struggling to finish it. Hopefully this one is better !

Sunday, January 05, 2003

An even more strenerous workout today at the basketball with Sam cos we played with a bunch of kids and teenagers , it was kinda embarassing cos i was the worst player among all of them and it was pretty obvious ! But Sam got his shot blocked by a gal who was like 14 yrs old so at least that was some consolation haha ... But i got a feeling that I'm gonna wake up tommorow all tired cos never felt so exhausted in a long while !

I better get prepared for my interview at NTU tommorow by Sun Microsystems, sigh thinking of the journey to Boon Lay by MRT really makes me feel damm sian i tell ya, I mean theres a Sun office in Chai Chee why didnt they just call me go there instead ! But well see how it goes tommorow !
Pretty good day today , met up with Sam for basketball in the afternoon but we didnt get to play for too long cos it started raining; it's been raining everyday for the past week. We then had pizza for dinner quite happening and add to that my mom's fried rice and i gained back any calories that i lost playing bball earlier.

I'm actually a little pissed with 2 friends rite now ...but I am gonna rant abt that in my private blog. Yeah i got this private blog set up recently to like vent my feelings like when I am unhappy with them. But don't wanna post it here cos those people might read it and get upset or offended and thats the last thing i want to do.

Gonna go to sleep now its 4:22am.

Friday, January 03, 2003

A guy from *** called me regarding the job application. I gotta go down to *** on Monday for an interview. Didn't think I was gonna get called up cos they asked me to give them an essay on *** a while back and I did a pretty last minute one which I thot kinda sucked. Let's see what happens on Monday.

Boy's skin problem is not getting better despite the medication, really wished I had brought him to the vet earlier when it wasn't so bad. Think I have to try another vet cos he is really itching and also he's really starting to smell.

Going to go down to the library to return my computer books cos they are overdue today. I Keep borrowing them but end up not reading them. And also gotta get a new print catridge for my Epson printer. Damm I didn't even use it that often and it finished liao. Need it to print out and mail the application form for Crimson Logic. I applied for the job like a couple months back and they finally emailed me asking me to send my certs and testimonials and stuff. They send me an email last week but I have been kinda ignoring it (holiday mood mah), but I'm gonna try and send it by today.
Dad left a whole pile of clothes on the table for me to hang out to dry...and its hell of a lot and I'm damm lazy to do it. :(

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Things and People i am thankful for the past year:

1. I got to know a lot of really nice and/or interesting people thanks to ICQ , people whom i would have never have gotten to know otherwise. Some of them i now consider very good friends; and others i really wanna get to know better. But I did make some mistakes though that did jeopardise some of those friendships; and one of them I'm not even sure I'm gonna be able to salvage and that makes me sad. But I do hope those friendships that i still have will be there for a long time to come, but i got this feeling that most of them won't really last as long as I would want them to last. But thats life. But for those who consoled me when i was really down i will always remember them for it so a Big thank you to them.

2. I'm thankful for the fact that I have at least managed to conquer SOME of my shyness when it comes to members of the opposite sex. Yes I am sure you all will be shocked to know that the Indian Stallion is actually a pretty shy person in real life , and that is something really hard for me to admit ok but its true. Well I think its because i always had this feeling that I'm not exactly the kind of guy gals wanna hang out with cos first of all I'm no Mike Myers when it comes to my looks and secondly i'm not the most interesting person out there also; my life now is really really boring, at least to me.

3. I'm grateful for the fact that i got to know this really amazing person online and even gotta spend some time with her , every moment i did spend with her made me as happy as I ever been in a really long time. Ok ok so she ended up telling me that i was creepy and that I was invading her personal space (which i realise now that i was); but well shes someone who i really respect and admire cos she went through a lot of crap in her life and came out the stronger for it; and i will always remember her for that.

4. I'm grateful for my sis who has always been there for me when i needed someone to talk to , to my overprotective mom for always worrying and fussing about me even when she didnt need to , and to my dad for me money when i needed it.

5. To the friend who took me out for my bday and even bought for me a really great bday present; she has no idea how much that meant to me.

Ok i think thats all..cant remember anymore now also.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

So yesterday was a good day, spend my new year eve with a net friend. Went to see LOTR and then we walked around Orchard and talked until 2 something. First time in years that i spend new year eve without my dogs at home though, I'm sure they must have missed me. The movie was awesome, totally enjoyed it from start to end but it got really cold in the cinema towards the end, was really tempted to ask my friend for her jacket but well decided(probably wisely) not to. But there were a lot of Bangladeshi nationals in Orchard yesterday and some of them were so annoying , they were like whistling and shit and then there was this group that was like spraying those party foam sprays thingys at everyone and basically pissing a lot of them off. Oh ya and then my mom called me like 2 am and asked me if i knew what time it was and why was I still not home...Sigh that was so embarrasing ....But all in all had a pretty nice time , hope she did too !