Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Went to OCBC today to deposit some money for my sis ...the damm queue was like so long i think i was in it for like almost 40 minutes ..sigh the things you do for your sis ...
Was kinda pissed at my dad today; he sometimes seems so naive ...he ordered catered food for christmas from a 'friend' it costed him ard 300 bucks ..but the stupid thing is that they dun deliver the food which is so freaking ridiculous and the guy lives in woodlands which is like so damm far....and catered indian food usually sucks 9/10 times , speaking from experience , and also i was so looking forward to my mom's ayam masak merah ..i hope the food isn't gonna suck but im not holding my breath. Now Dad says he's gonna try get back the money and cancel the order ..well good luck with that.

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