Wednesday, December 04, 2002

So finally brought Boy to the vet today and got the medicine for his skin problem. Think he's gonna be ok in a week or so.But he yelped really loudly when he got his injection, scared me for a second. Oh and something really funny happened just now , my dad brought a couple of his friends back home and Boy got so excited that he got a hard-on which was really obvious although his friends were like trying their best to pretend not to notice. And then Boy's semen was like dripping all over the floor and my dad was like trying to clean it up, it was pretty funny stuff : )

Hmm not sure why theres this syntax error on my blog site ...been trying to fix it but so far cant pinpoint the problem. Any HTML experts there who can help me out ?

In my CD Player today :
1. Untouchables by Korn
2. Follow the Leader by Korn
3. End Hits by Fugazi

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