Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Sigh i'm less and less inclined to blog nowdays ...just nothing interesting in my life right now worth typing about. Today i spend like 4 hours playing this tetris game. Finally reached the target of 60 pieces per minute after 3 days ; had a bet with a net friend she thought i couldnt do it but i proved her wrong !
OMG I just realised i really need to get a life....

I will not be working with my sis at her hotel after all, she told me there aren't any vacancies left anymore at the moment and asked me to try the banquet deparment ...but audrey told me that that being a banquet waiter is a much tougher job for the same pay , u serve much more people and the trays are much heavier....Well maybe i will just give it a try, see how .

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