Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Ok Yesterday started off really crappy. I got asked to go for an interview , a temp job at this company at tanglin shopping center ...the pay was pretty good 7.50 an hour and renewed monthly. Anyway they were impressed by my resume but they gave me a test ...which was to modify a html page into a form page and using javascript to validate it ...its actually very simple i did it b4 for my school project but i screwed up , there was this damm javacript error and i couldnt fint the source of it ...so that went my chances of getting the job.

After that went to Borders and listened to some new CDs at the music section which made me feel a whole lot better. I have to get the White Stripes new CD, White Blood Cells . Some of you might remember the brother and sister band from their performance at the MTV Video Awards earlier this year , they were surrounded by fans dressed in red and white during their gig. Check out the song "Fell in Love With a Girl" if you wanna try its amazing!

Listened to Audioslave's new one also too , the band formed by the ex-members of Rage Against the Machine(imo the only rap metal band with any cred that puts crap bands like Limp Biskit and Linkin Park to shame) and the frontman of Soundgarden who replaces Zack de la Rocha. Well have to say was kinda disappointed , Chris Cornell's vocals lack the intensity and the rage of Zack's vocals and also his lyrics arent really that great also compared to Zack's political rants.

An interesting logic puzzle :

Alright, there are 3 pple who got caught on a pirate ship. They were supposed to be killed but the captain gave them a chance. He has 4 caps, 2 white and 2 blacks. He made all 3 lined up and threw one cap in the sea. With the remaining caps, he put one on each person's head. The first person can only see the cap in the sea. The second person can only see the first person's cap. The 3rd person can see both pple's caps. The captain then said "If you can guess the colour of your own cap correctly, all will be set free." There was a silence then the 2nd person answered correctly. Why is it the second person and how did he answer it correctly?

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