Thursday, December 26, 2002

OK well so what happened on Xmas day ...well for starters a lot of people told my sister that i put on a hell lot of weight which was reallly depressing but it was true. OK so my New Year resolution is to get rid of my baby or at least reduce it by a sizable amount. For those who are clueless my baby is my tummy :) . Im gonna head down to the bball court everyday and like shoot hoops or something for a start ! Anyway I have to also cos my reservist training is in April and i dun wanna go into it unfit cos it would be that much harder then. Oh and i gotta see my cousins Slyvester (although i call him Silver since we were kids) and Damien so that was pretty cool although they didn't stay that long. My mom was pretty unhappy with the way Silver looked cos he was like having an eyebrow ring and stuff, and she was like 'im glad you didnt turn out like that" ...She can be so shallow sometimes.

Hmm just wondering is it considered perverted to think that your 17 year old distant cousin is a total babe cos she is ! She has one of those eyes that those Hindi actresses have , the kind of eyes that sparkle ...all the chicks i dig are either attached or too young or related to me or think I'm creepy ....sigh ....

Oh ya the catered food that my dad ordered from his working colleague went bad by evening; think cos they probably cooked it like the day b4 in the morning. Well hope he learns his lesson and not be so easily influenced by people next time; but i doubt it cos this kinda thing happened like countless times b4 , he can be so naive .

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