Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Ok just came back from my interview at this company thats working for Mindef. Didn't go too well the test that they gave me was pretty hard It was about networking and machine language code and stuff that i havent touched like forever. But at least i did better than the guy next to me ; he even had trouble just filling in his personal particulars form :) And also the other candidates were like so unfriendly ; i was chatting with one of them but he had to go soon after but the others were like so reluctant to talk to me...but well the indian stallion does intimidate most men so can't really blame them also. After i finished the test , or at least finished as much as i could i had to wait like over an hour before they called me for interview which was kinda unprofessional in my opinion; i mean i was on time so why can't they also !

Got interviewed by 3 pple including one chio bu who i was like kinda making eyes at throughout the interview ...i could swear she was looking at me lustily also ....or hmm maybe she looked annoyed i couldn't really tell also. Probably shouldn't have done that but hey i'm a guy ! Anyway they looked at my test results and didnt seem too impressed so i think that was that. After that the chio bu lead me out of the office and said she will call me in a week or so. Damm should have asked for her phone number or something ! : ( Anyway i think i need to get new pants; its so weird its like all my pants shrank at the same time incredibly bizarre i tell ya !

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