Thursday, December 19, 2002

Ok i dun like to use this word but dammit Flo is a bitch ! I have no idea how Zach puts up with her cos when i watch her on TV i already get so pissed ! She's like a little kid throwing stupid dumbass tantrums all the time and blaming Zach for any screw up that happens. Just now she wanted to give up on the race because she didnt think she could take a 24 hr ride on the train ! I mean jesus you are in a race for a million dollars , suck it up and stop whining! Well thats what I would have told her if I was Zach , but he was like so patient and accomodating; i really have to tip my hat off to him.He should get like an award or something just for putting up with her.
I am such an idiot ..i didn't know that today was the finale so after the first hour of the amazing race i switched off the tv ....then i switch it on at 5 just in time to see the winners being congratualted !! now gotta watch it in the evening again but i already know who is gonna win ...idiot !

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