Monday, December 02, 2002

A net friend of mine finally met her net friend who came all the way from USA just to see her ! And they totally clicked and he's now gonna come down here to work so that he can be with her. I'm really happy for her, hope it works out for the both of them. I was worried for her before she met him cos was well cos online relationships can never substitute for the real thing in my opinion , u could totally click with someone over the net but that doesnt mean u will be as compatible in real life , i learned that the hard way.

Well my dad is starting Xmas early this year by playing Santa Claus, hes giving away my old pc to my aunt for free eventhough she already has 1...i wanted to keep the hard disk (cos its brand new) and install it in my dell PC but well he wouldn't hear of it. Well thats my dad, always puts others before family.

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