Saturday, December 28, 2002

Met Faith today to exchange Xmas presents; she bought for me Time to Kill by John Grisham and i got for her a gift pack from Body Shop (thanks to Di for the idea) . Heh now i got so many books to read , still got 3 harry potter novels left and so far i only read like the first 2 chapters of the Philosopher's Stone. Oh ya i was waiting for Faith at City Hall MRT and saw this pretty volouptous ang moh gal wearing a teensy singlet and no bra and basically her boobs were on full display...sigh those ang mohs are a really daringbunch aren't they ? If only more local gals dressed like that ; the world would be a much happier place! Ya ya i'm a perv i know so sue me !

We went for lunch at Ganges, an indian vegetarian restaurant upon my request cos i decided I'm gonna try to eat healthy at least when i'm outside. But when i got back home i had like 3 slices of rich chocolate log cake that was in the fridge..ok ok 4 slices happy ! What to do , chocolate is my kyptonite when i see it i can't help but feel this urge to have it ! :( I think i would do ANYTHING, and i mean ANYTHING to get chocolate so any gals reading this you might wanna take note in case you wanna take advantage of the Stallion ...yeah dun tell me the thought has never crossed your mind ok ! ;)

Went to watch Blue Crush after that ; some of the lines in the movie were plain corny and really made me cringe but overall the movie was ok , mindless and generic plot but still pretty fun; cos the surf scenes were amazing and the lead actress was quite a hottie also.

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