Friday, December 20, 2002

Hmm just realised this year has been kinda disappointing in terms of music i listened to. I haven't heard any album this year that completely blew me away and that is something very unusual for me . For last year that album was Relationship of Command by At the Drive-In; For 2000 it was Slipknot's self titled.
Listened to a couple of great albums this year , the best of which was Korn's Untouchables and Queens of the Stone Age's Songs for the Deaf but they still have their flaws. But I haven't bought a lot of albums this year compared to last year mainly cos of the lack of funds .
Can't wait till i get a job, i think i will probably be buying like 2 - 3 CDs a month at least once I do .Until then MP3s have to do. But the biggest disappointment this year has to be Creed's Weathered , when i heard it i couldn't imagine how a band i used to love can put out crap like that . I think i gave it like 10 listens before i gave up; probably the worst album i heard in a while. Btw i'm willing to let it go for 10 bucks so if anyone is interested contact me ok.(it comes with a free VCD of some of their music videos)

Just saw the last hour of Survivor , i totally forgot that this was the season finale so i missed the first hour when Helen got voted off. But the grilling by the jury on Clay and the other guy was really brutal. Well of cos it's all ego. I mean almost everyone did lie to someone one time or another ,but when they get lied to and it resulted in them getting voted off they get all defensive and self-righteous and using words like honestly, decency and self-respect ...Hypocrites everyone of them! Hope Clay loses i really dun like that lazy ass.

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