Sunday, December 15, 2002

Got called up for an interview for a company at Science Park which is just beside NUS .....but there is gonna be an hour long test to see how my programming skills are ..hope I dun screw this up like i did for the other one.....
Spend the whole day listening repeatedly to Led Zeppelin's BBC Sessions , a 2 CD set of their performances for BBC in the late 60s; its simply amazing . Anyone who loves the sound of the electric guitar should get this ....the amazing solos by Jimmy Page are like orgasm-inducing; in my opinion he's the best guitarist ever , yes i think even better than Hendrix. Add to that Bonham's booming drumming and Plant's amazing voice and ...well you just gotta listen to it for yourself. At least check out the song "Since I've been Loving You" ...its amazing that a band that was playing before i was even born can still so fresh and relevant today , not in the slightest bit outdated.

One more thing . i wished people would stop saying stuff to me like "Don't give up looking for a job" or " Are you jobless because the market is bad or you aren't trying hard enuff" or "you better get a job before the next batch graduates". I swear im gonna fuck the next person who says that to me. They might mean well but it really gets on my nerves so pls don't. I am not going to give up cos that is not a viable option so people do NOT need to remind me. And the other 2 are so dumb I won't even justify them.

Fav Lyrics of the day :

"Squeeze my lemon ...until the juice runs down my leg..." - Led Zeppelin

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