Tuesday, December 24, 2002

At my sister's house today; met her at Causeway Point to buy out clothes for Xmas. It kinda sucked cos there were a few clothes that i really liked but they didn't have my size. It's like prejudice against big-boned people or something. But the thing abt those full length mirrors in the changing rooms is they made me realised how much weight i put on! Really need to do something abt it ASAP or pretty soon i have to call myself the Indian Hippo or something. Anyway managed to find 2 decent tees in my size which i bought.
By that time it was around 10 pm so i decided to stay over at her place ; and so now here I am. But i can feel a cold coming over me , feeling kinda hot and also my running nose is getting worse; hope that clears up by Xmas day. Hmm kinda strange last 2 days not a lot of people online at night ...so boring no one to talk to and I'm not sleepy yet. Oh well i guess I'm gonna play TNET then.

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