Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Arrgh dad pissed me off again!! My aunt still hasn't come down to collect my old PC that my dad so generously gave to her for free eventhough she already has 1 ; so now my dad wants me to bring the PC to her in Yishun !! Like i got nothing better to do ! I mean you give people stuff for free thats one thing ; but if they can't be bothered to come down and get it why the fuck should you bring it to them ...and i got fucked when i told him that ...

Well he brought it there himself...and also brought along our bike and carrom board to my aunt .....wonder whats next

Went to the provision shop just now and the shopkeeper tells me that his daughter is working at Hongkong Bank might have vacancies at the bank and he will ask her if can get me in ...isn't that like the nicest thing !?

Uggh yesterday's Fear Factor was the worst yet ..i mean eww pig's uterus; can't get worse than that !

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