Friday, December 27, 2002

Alright yesterday my mom's ayam masak merah also went bad! I think its because someone used the same ladle on that dish and the catered food on Xmas day so the bacteria got transferred. It kinda sucked cos there was like a lot of it left but no choice had to throw it away. I told my dad to give his bloody friend (the one we catered the food from) a piece of his mind but he's like "let it be" ....pfff he should be the Fifth Beatle or something!

Other than that it was a great day cos i met up with my long lost cousin Shirley who i havent seen like in 8 over years ; she came with her folks to my house yesterday. We used to be really close when we were kids cos back then my family stayed at her home for a couple of years, so it was really nice to catch ya with her and see how's shes doing and stuff. Even got her on my msn messenger so hopefully we can keep in touch ....

We all then went to my aunt's place later at night and i met up with Cecelia and Damian my other cousins as well ..So all in all it was a pretty good day, compared to my usual day where i just rot at home! Hopefully this happens more often!

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