Tuesday, December 31, 2002

A gal from the company i went for interview for called me today to tell me that she regretted to inform me that i didnt make the cut. Yeah thanks woman for picking New Year's Eve to tell me this , now im feeling really moody about it ...anyway doesnt matter cos its not like im going to go out and celebrate new year also, probably gonna countdown at home with my 2 dogs , probably try to get them to bark once the clock hits midnight or something.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Met Faith today to exchange Xmas presents; she bought for me Time to Kill by John Grisham and i got for her a gift pack from Body Shop (thanks to Di for the idea) . Heh now i got so many books to read , still got 3 harry potter novels left and so far i only read like the first 2 chapters of the Philosopher's Stone. Oh ya i was waiting for Faith at City Hall MRT and saw this pretty volouptous ang moh gal wearing a teensy singlet and no bra and basically her boobs were on full display...sigh those ang mohs are a really daringbunch aren't they ? If only more local gals dressed like that ; the world would be a much happier place! Ya ya i'm a perv i know so sue me !

We went for lunch at Ganges, an indian vegetarian restaurant upon my request cos i decided I'm gonna try to eat healthy at least when i'm outside. But when i got back home i had like 3 slices of rich chocolate log cake that was in the fridge..ok ok 4 slices happy ! What to do , chocolate is my kyptonite when i see it i can't help but feel this urge to have it ! :( I think i would do ANYTHING, and i mean ANYTHING to get chocolate so any gals reading this you might wanna take note in case you wanna take advantage of the Stallion ...yeah dun tell me the thought has never crossed your mind ok ! ;)

Went to watch Blue Crush after that ; some of the lines in the movie were plain corny and really made me cringe but overall the movie was ok , mindless and generic plot but still pretty fun; cos the surf scenes were amazing and the lead actress was quite a hottie also.

Friday, December 27, 2002

Oh man my parents went to the market , had thosai for breakfast at the hawker centre there but didnt even think abt buying some back for me !! Unbelievable !
Alright yesterday my mom's ayam masak merah also went bad! I think its because someone used the same ladle on that dish and the catered food on Xmas day so the bacteria got transferred. It kinda sucked cos there was like a lot of it left but no choice had to throw it away. I told my dad to give his bloody friend (the one we catered the food from) a piece of his mind but he's like "let it be" ....pfff he should be the Fifth Beatle or something!

Other than that it was a great day cos i met up with my long lost cousin Shirley who i havent seen like in 8 over years ; she came with her folks to my house yesterday. We used to be really close when we were kids cos back then my family stayed at her home for a couple of years, so it was really nice to catch ya with her and see how's shes doing and stuff. Even got her on my msn messenger so hopefully we can keep in touch ....

We all then went to my aunt's place later at night and i met up with Cecelia and Damian my other cousins as well ..So all in all it was a pretty good day, compared to my usual day where i just rot at home! Hopefully this happens more often!

Thursday, December 26, 2002

OK well so what happened on Xmas day ...well for starters a lot of people told my sister that i put on a hell lot of weight which was reallly depressing but it was true. OK so my New Year resolution is to get rid of my baby or at least reduce it by a sizable amount. For those who are clueless my baby is my tummy :) . Im gonna head down to the bball court everyday and like shoot hoops or something for a start ! Anyway I have to also cos my reservist training is in April and i dun wanna go into it unfit cos it would be that much harder then. Oh and i gotta see my cousins Slyvester (although i call him Silver since we were kids) and Damien so that was pretty cool although they didn't stay that long. My mom was pretty unhappy with the way Silver looked cos he was like having an eyebrow ring and stuff, and she was like 'im glad you didnt turn out like that" ...She can be so shallow sometimes.

Hmm just wondering is it considered perverted to think that your 17 year old distant cousin is a total babe cos she is ! She has one of those eyes that those Hindi actresses have , the kind of eyes that sparkle ...all the chicks i dig are either attached or too young or related to me or think I'm creepy ....sigh ....

Oh ya the catered food that my dad ordered from his working colleague went bad by evening; think cos they probably cooked it like the day b4 in the morning. Well hope he learns his lesson and not be so easily influenced by people next time; but i doubt it cos this kinda thing happened like countless times b4 , he can be so naive .
Ok today aka Xmas day was tiring and depressing ...WIll blog abt it tommorow cos im dead beat !

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

At my sister's house today; met her at Causeway Point to buy out clothes for Xmas. It kinda sucked cos there were a few clothes that i really liked but they didn't have my size. It's like prejudice against big-boned people or something. But the thing abt those full length mirrors in the changing rooms is they made me realised how much weight i put on! Really need to do something abt it ASAP or pretty soon i have to call myself the Indian Hippo or something. Anyway managed to find 2 decent tees in my size which i bought.
By that time it was around 10 pm so i decided to stay over at her place ; and so now here I am. But i can feel a cold coming over me , feeling kinda hot and also my running nose is getting worse; hope that clears up by Xmas day. Hmm kinda strange last 2 days not a lot of people online at night ...so boring no one to talk to and I'm not sleepy yet. Oh well i guess I'm gonna play TNET then.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Met a net friend today at Siglap , she was nice enuff to meet me to pass me her harry potter books ! Thanks love ! I lended her 2 CDs of mine , Foo Fighters's There is Nothing Left to Lose and my treasured Led Zeppelin's BBC Sessions. Sigh i'm gonna miss that CD been listening to it everyday the past week. Hope she likes them !

Friday, December 20, 2002

Hmm just realised this year has been kinda disappointing in terms of music i listened to. I haven't heard any album this year that completely blew me away and that is something very unusual for me . For last year that album was Relationship of Command by At the Drive-In; For 2000 it was Slipknot's self titled.
Listened to a couple of great albums this year , the best of which was Korn's Untouchables and Queens of the Stone Age's Songs for the Deaf but they still have their flaws. But I haven't bought a lot of albums this year compared to last year mainly cos of the lack of funds .
Can't wait till i get a job, i think i will probably be buying like 2 - 3 CDs a month at least once I do .Until then MP3s have to do. But the biggest disappointment this year has to be Creed's Weathered , when i heard it i couldn't imagine how a band i used to love can put out crap like that . I think i gave it like 10 listens before i gave up; probably the worst album i heard in a while. Btw i'm willing to let it go for 10 bucks so if anyone is interested contact me ok.(it comes with a free VCD of some of their music videos)

Just saw the last hour of Survivor , i totally forgot that this was the season finale so i missed the first hour when Helen got voted off. But the grilling by the jury on Clay and the other guy was really brutal. Well of cos it's all ego. I mean almost everyone did lie to someone one time or another ,but when they get lied to and it resulted in them getting voted off they get all defensive and self-righteous and using words like honestly, decency and self-respect ...Hypocrites everyone of them! Hope Clay loses i really dun like that lazy ass.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Ok i dun like to use this word but dammit Flo is a bitch ! I have no idea how Zach puts up with her cos when i watch her on TV i already get so pissed ! She's like a little kid throwing stupid dumbass tantrums all the time and blaming Zach for any screw up that happens. Just now she wanted to give up on the race because she didnt think she could take a 24 hr ride on the train ! I mean jesus you are in a race for a million dollars , suck it up and stop whining! Well thats what I would have told her if I was Zach , but he was like so patient and accomodating; i really have to tip my hat off to him.He should get like an award or something just for putting up with her.
I am such an idiot ..i didn't know that today was the finale so after the first hour of the amazing race i switched off the tv ....then i switch it on at 5 just in time to see the winners being congratualted !! now gotta watch it in the evening again but i already know who is gonna win ...idiot !
Arrgh bloody stupid TCS ..i was so looking forward to watch the babe-fests Charmed and Smallville on Ch 5 yesterday night but they got pre-empted and instead I was treated to a soccer match where Malaysia trashed us 4-0 ....

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Ok just came back from my interview at this company thats working for Mindef. Didn't go too well the test that they gave me was pretty hard It was about networking and machine language code and stuff that i havent touched like forever. But at least i did better than the guy next to me ; he even had trouble just filling in his personal particulars form :) And also the other candidates were like so unfriendly ; i was chatting with one of them but he had to go soon after but the others were like so reluctant to talk to me...but well the indian stallion does intimidate most men so can't really blame them also. After i finished the test , or at least finished as much as i could i had to wait like over an hour before they called me for interview which was kinda unprofessional in my opinion; i mean i was on time so why can't they also !

Got interviewed by 3 pple including one chio bu who i was like kinda making eyes at throughout the interview ...i could swear she was looking at me lustily also ....or hmm maybe she looked annoyed i couldn't really tell also. Probably shouldn't have done that but hey i'm a guy ! Anyway they looked at my test results and didnt seem too impressed so i think that was that. After that the chio bu lead me out of the office and said she will call me in a week or so. Damm should have asked for her phone number or something ! : ( Anyway i think i need to get new pants; its so weird its like all my pants shrank at the same time incredibly bizarre i tell ya !

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Arrgh dad pissed me off again!! My aunt still hasn't come down to collect my old PC that my dad so generously gave to her for free eventhough she already has 1 ; so now my dad wants me to bring the PC to her in Yishun !! Like i got nothing better to do ! I mean you give people stuff for free thats one thing ; but if they can't be bothered to come down and get it why the fuck should you bring it to them ...and i got fucked when i told him that ...

Well he brought it there himself...and also brought along our bike and carrom board to my aunt .....wonder whats next

Went to the provision shop just now and the shopkeeper tells me that his daughter is working at Hongkong Bank might have vacancies at the bank and he will ask her if can get me in ...isn't that like the nicest thing !?

Uggh yesterday's Fear Factor was the worst yet ..i mean eww pig's uterus; can't get worse than that !
Went to OCBC today to deposit some money for my sis ...the damm queue was like so long i think i was in it for like almost 40 minutes ..sigh the things you do for your sis ...
Was kinda pissed at my dad today; he sometimes seems so naive ...he ordered catered food for christmas from a 'friend' it costed him ard 300 bucks ..but the stupid thing is that they dun deliver the food which is so freaking ridiculous and the guy lives in woodlands which is like so damm far....and catered indian food usually sucks 9/10 times , speaking from experience , and also i was so looking forward to my mom's ayam masak merah ..i hope the food isn't gonna suck but im not holding my breath. Now Dad says he's gonna try get back the money and cancel the order ..well good luck with that.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Got called up for an interview for a company at Science Park which is just beside NUS .....but there is gonna be an hour long test to see how my programming skills are ..hope I dun screw this up like i did for the other one.....
Spend the whole day listening repeatedly to Led Zeppelin's BBC Sessions , a 2 CD set of their performances for BBC in the late 60s; its simply amazing . Anyone who loves the sound of the electric guitar should get this ....the amazing solos by Jimmy Page are like orgasm-inducing; in my opinion he's the best guitarist ever , yes i think even better than Hendrix. Add to that Bonham's booming drumming and Plant's amazing voice and ...well you just gotta listen to it for yourself. At least check out the song "Since I've been Loving You" ...its amazing that a band that was playing before i was even born can still so fresh and relevant today , not in the slightest bit outdated.

One more thing . i wished people would stop saying stuff to me like "Don't give up looking for a job" or " Are you jobless because the market is bad or you aren't trying hard enuff" or "you better get a job before the next batch graduates". I swear im gonna fuck the next person who says that to me. They might mean well but it really gets on my nerves so pls don't. I am not going to give up cos that is not a viable option so people do NOT need to remind me. And the other 2 are so dumb I won't even justify them.

Fav Lyrics of the day :

"Squeeze my lemon ...until the juice runs down my leg..." - Led Zeppelin

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Got an email from this company which i applied for; basically I have to give them a short essay on Grid Computing and what i know about it. Well i know nothing about it so probably gonna spend tommorow to go read up on it ...i think it has something to do with grids and computers though ;) .
Other than that i would describe today as a complete waste of life.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Ok Yesterday started off really crappy. I got asked to go for an interview , a temp job at this company at tanglin shopping center ...the pay was pretty good 7.50 an hour and renewed monthly. Anyway they were impressed by my resume but they gave me a test ...which was to modify a html page into a form page and using javascript to validate it ...its actually very simple i did it b4 for my school project but i screwed up , there was this damm javacript error and i couldnt fint the source of it ...so that went my chances of getting the job.

After that went to Borders and listened to some new CDs at the music section which made me feel a whole lot better. I have to get the White Stripes new CD, White Blood Cells . Some of you might remember the brother and sister band from their performance at the MTV Video Awards earlier this year , they were surrounded by fans dressed in red and white during their gig. Check out the song "Fell in Love With a Girl" if you wanna try its amazing!

Listened to Audioslave's new one also too , the band formed by the ex-members of Rage Against the Machine(imo the only rap metal band with any cred that puts crap bands like Limp Biskit and Linkin Park to shame) and the frontman of Soundgarden who replaces Zack de la Rocha. Well have to say was kinda disappointed , Chris Cornell's vocals lack the intensity and the rage of Zack's vocals and also his lyrics arent really that great also compared to Zack's political rants.

An interesting logic puzzle :

Alright, there are 3 pple who got caught on a pirate ship. They were supposed to be killed but the captain gave them a chance. He has 4 caps, 2 white and 2 blacks. He made all 3 lined up and threw one cap in the sea. With the remaining caps, he put one on each person's head. The first person can only see the cap in the sea. The second person can only see the first person's cap. The 3rd person can see both pple's caps. The captain then said "If you can guess the colour of your own cap correctly, all will be set free." There was a silence then the 2nd person answered correctly. Why is it the second person and how did he answer it correctly?

Sunday, December 08, 2002

Finally me and Dad got to putting up the xmas decorations and it was worse than i expected. I was seriously pissed off by the time we stopped work at around 5. Dun feel like going into the details ...anyway i always get pissed when working with my dad so nothing new . And still not done got another day to go ..Well 1 thing was my dad played this horrible music on the stereo while we were working ...first CD was like the music you hear during Chinese New Year at those shopping centres; you know those happy bouncy crappy tunes with the traditional chinese instruments....CD2 was songs like Quit Playing Games by Backstreet Boys and other crappy love ballads; but the catch is they were sung by Filipino singers not the original artists which made it sound even worse ! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at one point.Dun understand why anyone would wanna listen to that do you ?

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Had a really strange dream last night and the amazing thing is that it was so vivid i can remember almost ever part of it; and thats very rare for me cos i rarely remember my dreams. Even weirder was it was about a net friend i never even met before. It started off very nicely but then suddenly turned into a nightmare; the net friend in question jumped to her death and i was totally freaking out. Wonder what it means ....

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

So finally brought Boy to the vet today and got the medicine for his skin problem. Think he's gonna be ok in a week or so.But he yelped really loudly when he got his injection, scared me for a second. Oh and something really funny happened just now , my dad brought a couple of his friends back home and Boy got so excited that he got a hard-on which was really obvious although his friends were like trying their best to pretend not to notice. And then Boy's semen was like dripping all over the floor and my dad was like trying to clean it up, it was pretty funny stuff : )

Hmm not sure why theres this syntax error on my blog site ...been trying to fix it but so far cant pinpoint the problem. Any HTML experts there who can help me out ?

In my CD Player today :
1. Untouchables by Korn
2. Follow the Leader by Korn
3. End Hits by Fugazi

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Sigh i'm less and less inclined to blog nowdays ...just nothing interesting in my life right now worth typing about. Today i spend like 4 hours playing this tetris game. Finally reached the target of 60 pieces per minute after 3 days ; had a bet with a net friend she thought i couldnt do it but i proved her wrong !
OMG I just realised i really need to get a life....

I will not be working with my sis at her hotel after all, she told me there aren't any vacancies left anymore at the moment and asked me to try the banquet deparment ...but audrey told me that that being a banquet waiter is a much tougher job for the same pay , u serve much more people and the trays are much heavier....Well maybe i will just give it a try, see how .

Monday, December 02, 2002

A net friend of mine finally met her net friend who came all the way from USA just to see her ! And they totally clicked and he's now gonna come down here to work so that he can be with her. I'm really happy for her, hope it works out for the both of them. I was worried for her before she met him cos was well cos online relationships can never substitute for the real thing in my opinion , u could totally click with someone over the net but that doesnt mean u will be as compatible in real life , i learned that the hard way.

Well my dad is starting Xmas early this year by playing Santa Claus, hes giving away my old pc to my aunt for free eventhough she already has 1...i wanted to keep the hard disk (cos its brand new) and install it in my dell PC but well he wouldn't hear of it. Well thats my dad, always puts others before family.