Sunday, November 03, 2002

You know what I really need to stop taking net relationships so seriously. Why the hell should i care if a gal describes a guy who conveniently forgot to to mention to her that he had a gf while he was dating her,and basically treated her like crap , "sweet, caring and really comfortable with himself" ? It's not as if i know her personally or something !

Just got a phone call from my dad :
"Gilbert come up to the 11th floor , LISTEN CAREFULLY , the 11th floor and help me carry some stuff"

Isn't it nice when your dad thinks you are such a fucking moron that he needs to repeat what he's saying and even remind you to listen carefully?

And let's not forget his need to tell me EVERYTIME i take the dogs for a walk where i should walk them ! Can anyone say CONTROL FREAK!

I left a used tissue on the couch by mistake, i was watching tv and i forgot to throw it away b4 i went into my room. My mom then told me about it and i threw it away. But apparently that wasn't enough , she had to complain to my sister about that tissue. And my sister still felt the need to talk to me abt it ! Forget about Six Feet Under, if you wanna see a dysfunctional family just come to my house.

Yeh Li just showed me this website done by this 17 year old guy , and its so good that its fucking depressing! If you wanna see it Click Here. But he digs the same bands as me (Mushroomhead, Korn) so more power to him i say !

I added a little more information about myself and also a link to another blog , Audrey's friend Cheng whom i don't really know personally but her blog is pretty well done (although sometimes I got problem understanding it sometimes but i think thats my problem) and she has commented on my blog a couple of times which is really nice of her.

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