Sunday, November 17, 2002

Woohoo just finished debugging this JSP Project i'm doing for Shi Yang; it's like this online engineering quiz. Anyway been working on it for a while now but after the operation i had a few months ago i kinda lost interest in it, also dun know why. Anyway last couple of days I have been working really long and hard to make it work and now it's almost done, just a few things left to sort out depending on what Shi Yang wants. But feel quite shiok when i finally got it to work, it's almost like an orgasm i tell you. I think I'm gonna call myself the JSP King from now on ...Screw you NCS for not hiring me; next time when im rich and famous i'm gonna make it my personal mission to bring you down !! *laughs like Dr. Evil*
Note to myself : You seriously need help, geek !

Online Engineering Quiz

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