Sunday, November 17, 2002

Went to the market around 9 am with my mom today, cos i had to deposit money into Theresa's bank account which was right beside the market so i figured i might as well go with her. Made an interesting observation : All the women at the market were at least in their late 30s, did'nt see anyone younger than that ! Hmm wonder why....

OK been playing around with Photoshop 7 today, and its really fun ! Tried this cool effect on my Manson banner above , if you wanna see it all you got to do is move your mouse over it.: ) Pretty cool rite ! Have to thank my mentor Faith for inspiring me to learn this : ) Thanks love ! OK well maybe its not much but hey I just started give me a couple of weeks at least alright !

Kinda worried about going to work at the hotel cos i'm afraid it might jeopardise the relationship I have with Auds. I mean we get along fairly well now, afraid things might change if we started working together, like it will get all awkward and weird or something. She seems pretty excited abt working with me and i'm kinda afraid that well i might not live up to her expectations of what she thinks i am like in real life...Oh well just gotta wait and see i guess...But Theresa was saying that she's really popular at the hotel, and shes picking up things so fast that they dun believe she's never worked in a job like this before. Sheesh talk about pressure !

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