Monday, November 25, 2002

Uggh the Bachelor is so disgusting. The guy goes to a different gal every night and makes out with them and at the end of the date he asks them whether they wanna spend the night together. And yet i still can't not watch it. I think Shannon is gonna get voted out cos she's the only one who is upset about the fact how sleazy it the whole scenarion was and not letting him get his way with her. Well no one forced her to join the show right.....

Ah-ha I was right, Shannon was the one asked to leave; So that leaves the other 2 gals, the one who admitted her boobs were fake and the other one whose boobs are probably fake. And Shannon can still ask the guy why she was voted off. Of course he said because it was they were 2 very different people yada yada. Hello it's because he didnt get past first base with her unlike the other 2. But wonder she even joined the show; must be a little thick in a head if you ask me.

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