Saturday, November 23, 2002

The stallion is not happy today. Still feeling the effects of the pizza yesterday and my stomach/ass has been hurting like hell since I got up. But still went to Hafeez's house to scan my transcripts and stuff to send to Faith's colleague but when i got back one of the floppies i saved into couldnt work. Isn't it amazing how technology has ignored the floppy. CD-ROM, CPUs and almost everything else is faster and better but not the floppy. i mean I'm sure there is a way to increase the durability/speed/size of the floppy right its been the same since i first started using the PC which was like in December 98. Anyway i left a message on Hafeez's mobile to email me the pics on the spoiled copy, hope he sends it to me as soon as possible.
Got a shock of my life when Audrey called me on my handphone yesterday, I thought something bad happened cos we never talked on the phone before. Well thankfully i was wrong i think shes like the chirppiest person i ever met, she's like so hyper and sounds so cheerful ! She was telling me how excited she was about me coming to join her at work and how great it's gonna be with me there! Sigh talk abt pressure; i dun know .....hope I don't disappoint her too much.

I wish I could sleep.
But I can't lay on my back.
Because there's a knife
For everyday i knew you

The Speed of Pain by Marilyn Manson

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