Thursday, November 21, 2002

Sigh another boring day ...finally submitted the application for Sun Microsystems , the due date is 2 days away. Snail mail is so leceh (tedious for non singaporeans) , i mean we live in the IT age now why waste time and money with stamps and envelopes! I even had to fill in the application form by hand cos it was stated explicitedly..ya like my handwriting is a clue to what kind of employee i would be .. Dumbasses !
Oh ya and i had to provide details abt my parents's occupations and my sister's also, again why the fuck does that matter !

I guessed my dad changed his mind about putting up the xmas decorations today cos he didnt wake me up.. Thank god ! Now all i got to do is pray for the hotel job to start soon so i dun need to help him ..ya ya you might think its really selfish of me but you haven't worked with my dad b4 . do that and you will know what i mean.

Other than that spend a good part of the day talking to Faith and doing the daily boring household chores ....i wonder if they have those mousewheels for people, u know the one where the hamster or mouse runs in;; then i could get into one of them and just run all day long; at least that would occupy my time and keep me from dying of boredom.

I wish TCS would just cancel all its local productions cos come on they really suck. Living with Lydia stars ...err ...this rather large Hongkong actress with a horrible haircut who has the most annoying way of speaking English in my opinion; she stresses every words i mean whats up with that. Phua Chu Kang used to be funny but now its just really tired and they seem to be rehashing the same old jokes again...And lets not forget First Touch the local medical drama that takes place in a maternity hospital which strangely looks nothing like a maternity hospital maybe cos its just a cheap tacky set . Bring back ER u losers !!

Favourite angsty lyrics of the day :

Fuck it all! Fuck this world!
Fuck everything that you stand for!
Don't belong! Don't exist!
Don't give a shit!
Don't ever judge me!

Surfacing by Slipknot

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