Tuesday, November 12, 2002

OK so this was how the interview went. Basically he asked me a lot of technical questions that i really couldn't answer cos i couldn't remember! It's been a while. Should have revised beforehand damm ...but overall i did OK. Anyway the job wasn't what i thought it was, as it wasn't a programming job like i expected. Instead i would be like the link between the client and the programmers; I would ask the clients to describe what they want in the system and then design the system and hand it over to the programmers to code.
Pros of the job :
1. I will be able to travel overseas quite often to meet clients. (a huge plus)
2. It's gonna force me to improve my people skills which admittedly are pretty crappy now.
3. The company really seems to be doing very well, so my future prospects look to be really good

1. I wouldn't be learning any new programming skills.
2. I really wanna do programming cos i think i got a flair for it.
3. I have to deal with strangers a lot.

Sigh ....

Oh ya bloody Wei Qin played me out! We were supposed to go see 'The Guru' but he dumped me for a barbecue at his friend's place ...sniff ...

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