Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Ok so meet Wee and Ivan for lunch today at BK , talked cock for a couple of hours and then walked around tampines ...Ix Shen and one other TCS celebrity were at McDonalds for some charity thingy so the BK outlet was really empty !

Oh ya yesterday at Suntec i saw the strangest sight; people standing having their dinner on tables that had no chairs having their dinner ! Well a friend told me it was pretty common nowdays but I dun know just seemed strange and a little cruel...but thats me.

I should be starting very soon at the hotel; my sis called me and told me to get prepared. Hope I dun screw it up !

Hmm Lana Lang doesn't look like her usual hot self in today's Smallville episode.....something's different maybe it's her make up or something. Gonna have to write to her about that ....btw I don't care if you are Superman, no one misses a Radiohead concert to save his best friend's life !!!

My dad just told me thatwe have to wake up early at 8 am tommorow to do the Christmas decorations for our house....guess he forgot that Christmas is still more than A MONTH AWAY. And every year its the same boring streamers and lights at the same places ....sigh ...Christmas at my house stopped being fun a long time ago; dun know why we even bother.

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