Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Ok so i met Faith and she was really nice, even treated me to dinner , actually i wanted to treat her cos her bday was tommorow but she insisted.. :) heh but i was really tempted to roll my eyes when she described the music i listen to as 'heavy metal' but fortunately resisted the urge. Oh ya and she gave me the 'Dangerous Liasons' VCD in exchange for my three Janet Jackson CDs. Thats like the movie i been looking for since i was 5, but its censored so I won't get to see Uma Thurman's boobs ..sigh...After that we went to meet Xing and his friend Marcus, the one i thought wanted to hire me. But turned out to be a complete waste of time cos he wasn't the least bit interested in talking to me, spend more time talking to his gf ! I already knew that he wasn't interested when he talked to me over the phone few days earlier; basically after he found out that I didn't know VB/ASP he cut the conversation short. And I told Xing about it but he told me it's ok and to come for the meeting anyway. Now it just seemed like a waste of my time.

CDs I listened to today:
1. Dummy by Portishead
2. Homogenic by Bjork ( LISTEN TO THIS AT NIGHT ITS AMAZING!!)
3. Brighten the Corners by Pavement
4. The Stone Roses (self-titled)
5. Toxicity by System of A Down
6. Sparkle and Fade by Everclear

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