Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Ok missed blogging yesterday because i was at my sister's place the whole day for Deepavali. Woke up at 5:30 am yesterday cos my mom had to be at my sis's place early to cook her world-famous 'ayam masak merah' which also happens to be my favourite dish. As usual my dad was trying to rush us all along like we were in a damm race or something.

Anyway while i was there something really embarassing happened. The hall was pretty crowded with a lot of her guests so i sat on this old wooden chair. All of a sudden it just broke and i ended up flat on my ass! At least most of the guests tried their best not to laugh though which was really nice of them ....

Dad pissed me off again. Ben called me at 9 am today and i was still asleep. My dad answered the phone and instead of telling him to call back later, he felt the need to wake me up! What's his freaking problem ?

Been thinking of trying to patch up with Sharon. I think we had a really meaningful (net) friendship b4 all that stuff happened and i would hate to see that just disappear without at least trying to save it. But even she doesn't want to, i hope we can at least part amicably cos i think its pointless to hold grudges considering how short life is. And there are also a few things that i really need to tell her also that i didnt before because i didnt wanna complicate matters, but now i just wanna be honest with her. The only thing i'm afraid of is that she would think that i'm doing this cos i wanna go out with her or something which is the last thing on my mind. Anyway she's probably having her exams now so i'm gonna wait until the end of the month cos i really don't wanna risk upsetting her now during this crucial exam period.

Oh yeah saw the funniest website today check the Asian Prince out !

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