Saturday, November 02, 2002

Ok just came back from Somerset, went to see Red Dragon with Yeh Li and Jiaqi, it was pretty good movie, very entertaining, way better than the crap that was Hannibal but not as engrossing as Silence of the Lambs. Would have loved to see more of Anthony Hopkins though i think he was rather underused.Oh ya Jiaqi and Yeh Li forgot to pay me for the movie tickets and i also paiseh to ask them for it....Cos i didnt wanna seem too money minded mah ...

Oh ya why are women late for dates/outings so often, its so irritating, Jiaqi and Yeh Li were more than half and hour late ! They should have at least given me an expected time of arrival so at least i would have an idea what time they will reach.

After that we went to Youth Park to see a couple of local bands perform in this band competition. A couple of bands were pretty good, and i really enjoyed their performances but the rest of them were average. And i did come away with a poster of the Foo Fighters they were giving those away. Left around 7pm cos Yeh Li and Jiaqi wanted to go back and i didn' wanna really stay there by myself kinda sian also.

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