Monday, November 11, 2002

Ok I'm back from my interview.
Next time i'm going for an interview im gonna bring a compass or something, its ridiculous how road maps can differ so much from the real thing ! Was wandering around for a good 20 minutes until i finally found the place.
Ok now Abt the interview! Well when i got there i was really pumped cos I was listening to Slipknot on the way there; hey if that CD doesn't get your adrenalin pumping nothing will ! But the interview was really surprising, i wouldn't even call it an interview , more like an evaluation. The 7 of us (1 person didn't turn up) who got called were split into 2 teams and given this question to discuss : If you were stranded in the desert and given a list of items , how would you rank them in order of importance. The items included stuff like a litre of water , matches , mirror etc etc. Well i was pretty vocal the whole time and I also presented my team's findings. And that was the end of the interview! Overall i think i did a pretty good job. Gonna be really disappointed if I'm not called up for a 2nd interview.
Oh ya i was like totally overdressed ; i was the only one wearing a tie out of the 5 guys there . So paiseh ....Anyway the company is a pretty small office and the mood is very casual, i think it would be a pretty cool place to work. But well now jsut wait for his phone call lor...
Kinda pissed at my sis, she keeps forgetting to call Audrey abt the Shangri-la job and i have to like keep reminding her ! I mean if you forgot once its ok lah , but 3 times a little excessive if you ask me.
Now waiting for Lana Lang/Smallville ...hmm is it at 10 or 11 ? Can't remember .....

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