Sunday, November 10, 2002

OK finally finished writing the email describing my 'soft' skills ; the guy from i-admin asked me to send it to him. So what did I write ? Well a lot of crap that isn't really true, how i'm like ultra friendly, able to multi-task and work well with others, how i like to take initiative in everything I do. Of cos i already thought of fake examples to show them in case he asks me to give examples, which i'm sure he will.

Going to watch Mulholland Drive later, that David Lynch movie, a friend was describing to me how amazing and bizarre it was and i'm really curious about it right now.

I wished people would have the courtesy to at least say bye before they log off during an online conversation, I think it's kinda rude when you are in the middle of an interesting conversation with someone and then they just abruptly disappear. I thought maybe she got dc so i waited for like 5 minutes and then i thought maybe i pissed her off or something. I mean how long does it take to type "Gotta go. goodnight" ?

Now gotta go and prepare for my interview, must think of what I'm gonna say when he asks me to describe myself and all that !

Oh ya was really surprised to hear "Forsaken" from the Queen of the Dammed soundtrack on TV yesterday! It was the background music for the "Who wants to be a Millionaire trailer, pretty weird choice for a gameshow trailer. Anyway It's the best song off the album and I highly recommend the album to anyone who likes dark, gothic sounding haunting music; 5 songs (including Forsaken) are written by Jonathan Davis from Korn specifically for the movie and Linkin Park (I hate them) fans should check out "System" which features Chester on vocals which I have to admit isn't half bad.

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