Friday, November 15, 2002

Missed blogging yesterday ..actually not missed just nothing of note to write about ..went to Parkway Parade with Hafeez to buy his kettle jug thingy, walked ard a bit and came back home ....

Today not much better, just waiting to watch survivor which starts in a while. Gonna head down to library to borrow some ASP books , think im gonna need to learn it cos lots of jobs are asking for it. And maybe XML also ....So bored...hope i-admin calls me soon!

Been listening to a couple of my old CDs (Vitalogy and No Code by Pearl Jam, Color and the Shape by Foo Fighters) last few days, I really need to get one of big CD Racks to hold my CDs, now they are all over my room.

Dun know what is gonna happen between me and a net friend, think she's still pissed at me. I told her she was overreacting and that made her even more pissed. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be honest i tell ya. I mean i already apologized like a million times and she still doesn't wanna talk to me, what else does she want? Maybe its dumb of me to react the way i did , i mean I shouldn't have cared that she still considers a guy that 2-timed her to be sweet and caring and wanted to call him. Or that this same 'sweet and caring' guy was trying to get back together with her just a month back eventhough he IS still with his girlfriend. I guess I just have to learn not to say anything even if i think they are gonna get hurt. It's not like i know her personally!

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