Monday, November 25, 2002

I hate to be in a conflict with someone. Most of the time when something like that happens I try to resolve it as soon as possible and just move on. I guess its because i believe that life is short and you never know what might happen tommorow also; for all I know I might get hit by a car or something and die. And as weird and morbid as it sounds, I wanna die without any unresolved conflicts in my life. But of cos its easier said than done; sometimes you just can't forgive someone for something they did to us no matter how hard we try , and even more so if they aren't remorseful about it and think they didn't do anything wrong.

What's the meanest you can be to the one you claim to love
And still smile to your new found friends?
In the same confusing breath,
You pull away and draw me in.
I wanted you. You wanted more.

Accident Prone by Jawbreaker

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