Friday, November 01, 2002

Hmm i think i should take a notebook with me when i go out, there was so many things that i thought of when i was out and was gonna write them down here, but now i can only remember 1.

Well here goes : At the train station there were this students who were taking donations for a particular charity, and a lot of people just rushed past ignoring them. And I seen this happen like my whole life, but only today it really bothered me. Are people now so busy that they can't even stop for a couple of secs and donate some coins to charity ? And yes i know it sounds a little self-righteous but thats what i feel

Met wee at Sim Lim Square where i bought 50 CD-Rs for 30 bucks to burn all my eps of Six Feet Under its really taking a chunk out of my HD space. And then i as i walked around i saw another shop selling 50 CDRs for 20 bucks dammit. After that went to BK where i had a whopper meal and was given an EXTRA packet of fries by mistake. Yes finally i catch a lucky break in my life ! The world seems so much brighter now !

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