Saturday, November 02, 2002

Dun you just hate it when a joke backfires in your face?

I send out this joke sms last night that said that i was in the hospital , but if you scroll down the message you will realise its just a prank. But most of the people i send to didnt scroll so they really thought i was in hospital and sms me back which i thought was pretty funny. (Hey i'm bored and unemployed ok, everything seems funny to me ). Then an hour ago while i was sleeping in bed (and i think i was dreaming abt me and Uma Thurman doing something fun) , and my friend who just came back from Paris called me up because she thought the sms was real. Well now i can't go back to sleep : ( . Yeah she's an air stewardess with SIA so she flies to all these exotic locations every week. Sigh makes me wish i was an air stewardess also...

I hate it when i see people unhappy, for some reason it really bothers me. And its even worse when i can't do anything to cheer the person up and most of the time i can't, guess i just dun have the knack for it.

The damm enetation server has been down for like 3 days now, and i think im gonna look for another one to host my comments. But can't blame the enetation creater also , he is only 1 guy running the whole thing and the problem is there are too many members then his server is able to handle. I checked out the forum and there are a lot of complaints about the server crashing so often and it sounds like he is gonna quit pretty soon.

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