Monday, November 18, 2002

Damm the bloody server for Shi Yang's JSP server is so unstable works one sec and screws up the next. Gonna try and set up a server on my com so that he can show his boss the project but I totally forgot how to set up the Tomcat server ! Other than that did nothing much talked to Faith and Pei Ying , a new net friend I just met recently, she seems like a pretty nice gal. Speaking of net friends wondering what happened to Di, haven't seen her for like almost a week. It feels kinda strange when you see someone almost everyday and suddenly they don't come online for a while ...anyway she's probably busy with her packing and getting her student visa and stuff. Gonna go see Harry Potter this wednesday with Ivan and Wee (hopefully) heard generally great things about it. Just hope we can get tickets. Oh ya watched Star Wars and Scream 3 on Ch 5 yesterday; Star Wars was as great as i remembered it I can't believe the number of people who haven't seen this classic! Scream 3 was really awful and just so damm boring, which is really shocking considering how good the first one was.

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