Thursday, October 10, 2002

Went for an interview yesterday for this 1 1/2 month job and the interview didnt go too well, i know i probably not going to get the job. Anyway it kind of sucks cos just found out that a few friends of mine just got jobs already sigh ..happt for them but also feeling kinda sad that i'm still no where near to getting one myself. Wonder how long this is going to last ....

Played basketball with my friend in the afternoon today for like 20 minutes and after that we were sweating like pigs ! oops i mean perspiring my muscles are aching like crazy . But it was good to get off my butt and do some real exercise after like so many months of inactivity and We are gonna play tommorow morning also ! But we were interuppted by a group of mats who took over the court to play soccer. I wanted to tell those assholes off , i mean its a basketball court not a soccer court ! anyway sam said we should just leave but it really pissed me off !

Getting kind of frustrated with my hi fi cos i think the lens is dirty or something it keeps skipping no matter what disc i play. Have to go down to Bedok and get the lens cleaner thingy asap before i go crazy !

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