Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Ok so i told the online friend that she is the one i wanted to go out with, and i think she was taken aback a little. Anyway i hope she doesn't take it too seriously, i mean its not like I'm looking for a gf or a relationship cos thats the last thing that i want right now, all i wanna do is go out and hopefully have a good time. I really hope things dun go weird between us because of this cos it would really really suck if it did.

Just saw Boston Public at an ungodly hour of 12:30 and well it was kinda boring not really memorable. I thot the whole class project involving the students suing Lipsihtz was kinda silly and not really believable, despite my lack of knowledge of the American judicial system i dun believe such a thing would be possible in real life. I think the series should just focus on real life social issues that are more believable.

It's 2:14 AM now and i think i'm gonna go to sleep.

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