Sunday, October 06, 2002

Ok sigh boring weekend so far , just spend most of my time playing Neverwinter Nights, damm dun u just hate it when they make a game so good you cant help wasting your life on it ...but learn quite a lot of things applicable in real life from this game for e.g. do not accept sexual favors from women in return for sparing their lives ! ok maybe not that applicable in real life but you never know...
Was going to go to the library today to borrow a good fantasy book so i was online looking for some recommendations but all of them were on loan or not at Bedok Library ..damm Bedok Library really sucks i tell ya....
Hopefully i get to watch 2001 Space Odyssey later , if i dun get asked to do any housework by my parents ...supposed to be a classic or something ...just hope there's going to some scary aliens and bloody space battles in it ..nah just kidding Di ! ;)
Oh yeah also got Billy Elliot on StarMovies at 9 pm , sounds like an interesting story , a boy who rather do ballet than boxing but only thing abt brit movies is sometimes i got a really hard time understanding their accent though .

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