Monday, October 28, 2002

Ok just came back from the library at tampines. Went there to relax but instead (like everything else in my life right now) the exact opposite happen . So i was at the library looking for this book by Neil Gaiman which Di recommended called Coraline but when I got there i couldnt find the piece of paper which i wrote the name of the author so i had to sms her and get it from her ...ok so small glitch , then when i finally found the section where his books were, i couldnt find it! crap when i checked at home at the library website there were 3 available copies ! Anyway i looked around for like 20 minutes or so and finally gave up and just borrowed another book by him called smoke and mirrors and looked for another book to borrow. And then this pair of secondary students sitting on the floor in between the bookshelves basically blocking the already narrow aisle and that really pissed me off, i was thinking "why dun you move fucking further apart so that u block more of the aisle and no one can walk in at all?" Anyway i just stood there and stared at them and i guess they got the hint cos they stood up and got out of there.
Oh yeah and then there was this group of secondary school gals who were like giggling the whole time in the library which even pissed me off more. Fuck, what is it with secondary school gals and giggling , why is everything so damm funny to them, i mean do you see secondary school guys grouping together and giggling like a bunch of idiots, i dun think so!

And then comes this announcement over the library PA that the library is closing at 5 pm and im like totally confused, what the hell i just got here 1/2 an hr ago!! Can't they just standardise the closing times for all the different library branches instead of confusing us like that by having different closing times for different branches !! Anyway i borrowed a flash/dreamweaver and a C++ book and got out of there and headed back home.

And then on the MRT i had the damm good luck of sitting beside a boy who, in my humble opinion, should have been born a monkey cos he couldnt stop swinging on those handrails on the train and making really dumb ass irritating noises that were really driving me crazy. And his bloody parents encouraged him even more !!! I was honestly praying to God that the little monkey would fall and hit his head and start crying cos if that had happened i would have laughed my ass off i tell ya!
But as usual i didnt get what i want.

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