Thursday, October 17, 2002

Ok haven't really updated my blog in a while so i better get right to it!

SO what did I do today ...hmm ya almost got into a car accident thats what , thanks to Hafeez! I dun have a licence but this was the scenario: He was going to turn left into a carpark but there was a bus at the bus stop just b4 the carpark so he just went to the 2nd lane and turned into the carpark from the 2nd lane. At the same time he turned the bus started to move off and it almost hit us as we turned into the carpark , he did signal but i dun know he didnt slow down or anything , so who's fault was it ? Anyway it was kinda scary...

Anyway we went to Daud after that to have dinner, i ordered a mee goreng and teh tarik , he a really expensive plate of nasi lemak considering the pathetic chicken wing he got with it , it looked more like a chick than a chicken i tell ya ! After that we went to Bedok Interchange where we walked for a while and went back home , sigh i wish they do something to Bedok Central like add a ferris wheel or something its so damm boring!

(Slightly) Funny thing i was on my way to the bus stop but changed my mind and decided to walk home instead , it was like a good 20 minutes and when i got home i was sweating like a pig..I think when you are really bored you just try to do stuff to occupy your time. Anyway its good exercise right ?

Shynn from the job agency called me and told me i might get this temp job doing database admin at this american firm at a fucking pathetic 6 bucks an hr ...but i can't be choosy, need something IT-related that I can put on my resume. Gonna apply for this company called Crimson Logic tommorow , they got a vacancy for Java Developer which would be the perfect job for me cos i love programming in Java! Hope they grant me an interview...

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